The Handmade Tablecloth — Noreen Tyers

The Handmade Tablecloth — Noreen Tyers

To set a beautiful table you need a beautiful Tablecloth—Like A Handmade Lace Tablecloth — Noreen Tyers

Shortly after meeting Gerry, and dating him, I was invited to a family celebration, a 25th Wedding Anniversary for his parents Ernest Alexander and Gwendolyn Tyers, at home, at 133 Grove Avenue, Ottawa. Their Anniversary Date was May 14th. 1957

It was organized by Aunt Eleanor (Lusher)(Brouse) Donohue and  daughter, Eva May.(Tyers) (Drummond) Hamilton.  The table was set and the whole affair was beautiful, I have to admit, I was impressed. The cake had been made by Gwen and Ernie, and had been sent out to a little bake shop on Bank street, the Glebe Bakery, run by Jose Laflambrois.  I do believe around Third Avenue, at one time John Drummond worked there, as a delivery boy, while attending school.  It was the first time I remember seeing this handmade Crochet Tablecloth.  It was made by Gerry’s Mother, Gwen Tyers and Nanny Lusher, (May) helped her with putting it together.  

Now when I first spotted the tablecloth, I could not take my eyes off it, it was so beautiful, with all the delicate stitches and work in it.   It had to have many hours of work in it, so much love and dedication to a work of art.  Over the years this tablecloth was used at many events including a 50th Anniversary in August 1957 for Gerry Grandparents, Ernest Arthur and May (Stark)Tyers.  I was fascinated with the hand work in this tablecloth, and thought I should learn how.

It seemed to me the tablecloth was used for all special occasions, it would be washed and put away in a bag that would protect until the next use and special occasion.  It was sometimes loaned out, but the lenders had to be of the utmost care and that they would take care of it with the same passion as it’s owner.  It seems to me that Nanny Lusher fussed over it and always did the cleaning, and pressing of this handmade treasure, and it would be tucked away, for the next special occasion.

I do know it was with Gwen (Nanny Tyers)  when she came to live with Gerry and I at the House of Old, and was kept in the cedar chest in her bedroom.  Our first Christmas at the Farm in the Summer Kitchen the tablecloth came out for this special occasion.  After some discussion we did decide we would use it, as this what I considered a special item, and a family heirloom I said we would use it, but only if we put a clear plastic cover on it.  It was my feeling that with children coming, and although they would be sitting at a smaller table, I sure did not want any cranberry or gravy stains on the cloth.  It did take away from the beauty of the tablecloth but I did not worry as much, wine was served with dinner and you know what can happen with red wine.

When Nan left the Farm she did give me the Hand Made Tablecloth, and said it was now my responsibility.  It seems to me when we moved to Victoria Street in Perth, our home was the place where important gatherings and celebrations seemed to always take place.  Once again the cloth was used and It always dressed the table and the compliments always came forth.  I thought the ambient of the house lent to the beauty of the table, and when the wood was exposed through the delicate pattern, it was gorgeous and to me so beautiful. 

I have to say a piece of work like this tablecloth was a work of love and in each stitch and tucked also, was a whole lot of love.  No matter where the cloth goes or ends up it will always enhance your table. The tablecloth has been used on the table for showers, birthdays, Christmas, and was on the table for the celebration of daughter Teri’s (Tyers) White’s wedding.  Enjoy and treat with love and honour the placement on your table. 

Just know it was created by Gwendolyn Alexandria Tyers, who made it to celebrate her twenty fifth Wedding Anniversary in May 1957.  Enjoy it, and thank you Gwen for your hard work and expertise in crocheting.  Also thanks to both you and Nanny Lusher, I did learn how to crochet.  Just want you to know the knowledge was well used and many a bridal Garter was crochet for a wedding, in fact we made two, one to throw and the other to keep in your memory book.     

One can never buy or replace the memories woven into this old crochet tablecloth that has always been with the family, since its creation, for the Anniversary.

Just remember to do a line to keep the memories lasting and up to date.

From the ✒   

of Noreen                                                                                  

April 16,2021

Used for Myriam Shower at my home on Victoria Street,                                                                                                      in Perth  before her wedding to Kevin Regan in 2014  

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