The Souvenir Spoon Man of Carleton Place — Samuel Breadner — Father of Lloyd Samuel Breadner

The Souvenir Spoon Man of Carleton Place — Samuel Breadner — Father of Lloyd Samuel Breadner
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
19 Sep 1900, Wed  •  Page 9

I found this newspaper clipping and I thought it might be an interesting person to document and I was right. Samuel Breadner was a jeweller who began his life in Parry Sound and moved to Carleton Place. His son Lloyd was born in 1895 in Carleton Place and was a WW11 ace. In 1900 Samuel had 16 folks working for him in Carleton Place and then decided to move lock stock and barrel to Ottawa. He moved to Somerset Street and then to Hull in the 1950s. He became the premier maker of all those tourist spoons your Grandmother used to collect.

Born in Carleton Place Samuel’s son Lloyd Samuel Breadner

July 14, 1894
Carleton PlaceOntario, Canada
March 14, 1952 (aged 57)
BostonMassachusetts, U.S.
Royal Flying Corps
Royal Canadian Air Force
Years of service
1915 – 1945
Air Chief Marshal
World War I
World War IIBattle of Britain
Companion of the Order of the Bath
Distinguished Service Cross

Lloyd Samuel Breadner

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Jul 1929, Thu  •  Page 18
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Mar 1950, Sat  •  Page 21
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Wed, Sep 07, 1955 · Page 24


National Post
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
07 Mar 1964, Sat  •  Page 16


Carleton Place, Ontario, later, Bank Street, Ottawa, later, Hull, Quebe

S. Breadner – Ontario – 1900

The business of Samuel Breadner was founded in the later years of the 19th century.

Samuel Breadner has moved from Parry Sound, Ont., to Carleton Place.

The Breadner Co. was founded as a jewelry business by Samuel Breadner and they eventually occupied a large building at 1000 – 1002 Somerset St W., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Samuel’s son Jack became president of the company and, counting on large amounts of inexpensive war surplus material, this family business decided to manufacture portable radios in 1946 and they designed their first model to be supplied for the early 1947 season. During 1947 they produced two models, the JBL-27 and, within a few months, the JBL-27A which replaced half the octal tubes of the original with the smaller miniature types. For the 1948 season they were able to build in a full complement of miniature tubes and they renamed this version the JBL-27B which they advertised as the “Minstrel”. They also made an AC/Battery model, the JBL-37 which they advertised as the “Gypsy”. This was their final venture in the radio business and they returned to making and selling jewelry until the mid-1950’s. Another son of Samuel Breadner, Lloyd Samuel Breadner, a WWI ace pilot, was the commander of the RCAF in Europe as Air Chief Marshal during WWII.

Bernard Lacome wrote us (April 4, 2012): “JBL is a contraction of Jack Breadner, Bernard Lacome, Lewis Holland.

BMCo – Breadner Manufacturing Co., founded ca. 1900. Mr. Breadner moved to Ottawa and formed Breadner Manufacturing Co., and built a factory in about 1900.

The firm specialized in souvenir jewellery for the tourist trade, also on their production program were souvenir spoons (several dies acquired from a Montreal Company which went bankrupt). In 1930 the business was reorganized as the Breadner Company Limited. It continued to manufacture souvenir jewellery along with badges and emblems. In WWII the firm made insignias for the Armed Forces, but resumed to make jewellery at the end of the war. A lot of new spoons were added, since the company had developed their own die making facilities. After Samuel Breadner’s death his son Jack Breadner took over the business, 1956 the firm moved to Hull, Quebec, it is the largest Canadian firm specializing in souvenir jewellery and souvenir spoons.

Marks: Sterling BMCo, made in Canada, or Sterling above BMCo


OBJECT NUMBER19710261-3222
EVENT1939-1945 Second World War
ARTIST / MAKER / MANUFACTURERHyndman, Flight Lieutenant Robert Stewart


Name:Lloyd Samuel Breadner
Birth Year:abt 1895
Birth Place:Carleton Place, Ontario
Marriage Date:19 Feb 1917
Marriage Place:Canada, Carleton, Ontario
Father:Samuel Breadner
Mother:Caroline Alberta Watkins Breadner
Spouse:Mary Ida Evelyn Storey


1901 census

Name:S Breadner
[Samuel Breadner
Racial or Tribal Origin:Irish
Marital status:Married
Birth Date:26 Nov 1868
Birth Place:Ontario
Relation to Head of House:Head
Occupation:Mfg Jeweler
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
Thanks Ray Paquette for sending.. I was very interested in your article this morning on the Breadner family. 

I was aware of Samuel’s son Lloyd who had an extraordinary career in the RCAF and was one of the WW I pilots that the late Brian Costello wrote about in his book. I was taken by the loss of Breadner’s only son who was following in his father’s footsteps. I was unaware of the Carleton Place connection when I saw this FB posting of a memorial to the son’s accident by some citizens in Nova Scotia.


 I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased to find your posing from April 21, 2021 regarding Samuel Breadner. It offered new details to me about the manufacturer of a type of “jewelry” that I collect.

    I am a member of a Lions Club here in Marietta, Georgia USA. Since at least the late 50’s, Lions have gathered annually at an International Convention to conduct the business of our Association. Lions from all over the world meet in friendship to share ideas about how we, as Lions, can serve others. Some where along the line, tokens of friendship, perhaps initially as campaign items, were exchanged that helped identify where one Lion was from and/or something about their club and the community they were a part of. Canadian Lions clubs in particular used Breadner Manufacturing to make their lapel pins perhaps because of their expertise in making pins for curling clubs. Photo of the 5 are 5 I recently purchased on eBay for my collection. All are from Newfoundland.

    I know they made souvenir jewelry including charms and spoons, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to make lapel pins. One style in particular was the “Blue Bar”. A two piece pin with an enameled blue bar that carried the name of the club and a dangle of varying design.

 It is my hope to publish a web page with images of all the Breadner Lions pins I have (over 2000). I would love to use the information on your page as part of the History I hope to include. The writing is the easy part, it’s all the pictures I have to take, but hope springs eternal!

    I currently have a page at which displays some of the other Lions items I collect, if you would like to visit.

    Thanks again for the information you found, it adds to the depth of my interest.

        Ray Moore

        East Cobb Lions Club

        Marietta, GA

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