Memories Carleton Place- Town Hall

Memories Carleton Place- Town Hall
Photo- Larry Clark 1963

Bill LemayLove this building dances and. Movie’s and library up stairs

Heather DarraghBeautiful picture, We have such a great little town, thanks for sharing this.

Dean BrownHasn’t changed a bit in almost 60 yrs Eh !!

Marlene SpringerMemory, my first kiss happened at the movie night but it was a hit and run! To this day not know what boy❓

Tracy DoddsFun memories of movie nights and Mississippi Mudds rehearsals ♥️

Sylvia GilesTracy Dodds oh the movie nights!!!! The Keyes boys!!! 😘

Laurel TyeMy happy place.

Colleen RobillardLaurel Tye I miss this place more than I thought possible…🙄😔

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
29 Aug 1896, Sat  •  Page 4
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Nov 1894, Fri  •  Page 5

The Carleton Place Town Hall is an important landmark both historically and architecturally. The land was originally owned by William Morphy, one of the first settlers in the area and for whom the town was originally named Morphy’s Falls. He built a house on the present Town Hall site in the early 1820s.

Designed by George W. King and built by Matthew Ryan, the building is a fine example of the Richardson Romanesque style of architecture, which was popular in North America in the latter quarter of the nineteenth century. Richardson Romanesque style is a North American style, introduced by architect Henry Hobson Richardson, with typical features of rough stone, round-headed windows, semi-circular arches around doors and windows, dormer windows and round towers. The Council Chamber on the interior was originally called the Red Chamber because of the fine pine woodwork with a red satin finish. Other features on the interior include one of the few remaining raked stages in Canada, fine examples of woodwork in pine and ash, decorative pressed metal ceilings and mosaic encaustic flooring.

Sources: Town of Carleton Place Bylaw 42-78; Town Hall Feasibility Study, 1986.

An imprinted line on the back of this CARLETON PLACE Ontario postcard shows that it was originally purchased there … in the variety shop of Miss Sarah Hickson on Bridge Street.From the 1910-15 period, the card presents another view of the street close to the Mississippi River; in the background is the beautiful 1890s town hall at the corner of Mill Street.A message is written on the back side, but the lack of an address/postage stamp indicates the card was sent by cousins inside a protective envelope.

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