Dowdall’s Esso and Hank’s Tire- Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown and Larry Clark

Dowdall’s Esso and Hank’s Tire- Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown and Larry Clark
Larry Clark photo
Larry Clark photo
Larry Clark photo
Larry Clark photo
Larry Clark photo

I’m wondering if you have ever seen or come across some old photos of Hanks tire/dowdalls?Excellent question.. Who has memories and better yet???

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownIt was on Hwy 7 beside Twin Oaks. it was a Supertest. My parents Bill and Deanne owned it from 1965 to 2000. In the later years it was Dowdall’s Tire and Service.

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownPhil Hallahan never.. we opened in 1965…. the building at the time was owned by Supertest

Sandra SandersonJo-Anne Dowdall-Brown…wonderful memories at Dowdall’s. Remember the restaurant – even when I go into Hank’s now, I can see the two of us sitting at “our table” in the far corner having our tomato soup and buttered bread feeling so grown up.

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownSandra Sanderson and getting a coke out of the water cooler!!

Bev HynesDad and I would leave work at Parkman and Taylor and have lunch at Dowdalls. Hot roast beef with gravy on fries! The best! That when Joanne’s grandma and Mom were cooking.

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownBev Hynes my Grandma came to cook for 3 months and was there for 15years

Bev HynesJo-Anne Dowdall-Brown She was an amazing cook!

Jordan Monfilsi has always been curious about that place from days passed. It holds a place in my heart. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. Spent 1/3 of my life there. Or more even,

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownJordan Monfils that is wonderful!! We had many employees go through there but many stayed a very long time. Like Justin McNeely’s Dad!!

Phil Hallahanwasn’t that Tim’s garage back in the day?

Dawn JonesI remember the little snack bar at the garage. My brother Jack worked for the Dowdall’s Tire and Service for years in Carleton Place and then Arnprior. ♥

Donna McfarlaneDiane made the best club sandwiches and they were only a dollar to start then one twenty five

Ray PaquetteI can’t remember the Supertest or snack bar but Dowdall Tire was my repair shop for many years when I lived in Carleton Place. I spent the odd hour sitting in the waiting room of what would have been the snack bar talking with Deanne who I had known since childhood.

Marlene SpringerWe went every Sunday after church

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown
March 3  · 

25th anniversary. My Mom and Dad Deanne and Bill Dowdall. 25th anniversary of Dowdall’s Tire

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown posted this on her timeline

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown posted this on her timeline and I caught it some how.. LOL”Packing and found the milkshake maker from Dowdall’s Restaurant! Many memories. Mom hated making them when she had a big order!

NOW on Highway 7

Now Hank’s Tire on Highway 7
From Justin McNeely— Hanks/Dowdalls Tire

Devin DaviesI loved working with my dad there and all the guys

Greg WrightOur family and farm used these guys a time or two !

Linda Seccaspina
March 27, 2020  · Shared with PublicPublic

A shout out to Hank’s Tire on highway 7. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him when I asked to take pictures. They are busy helping community out from what I saw in a faster than speed of light manner..

Sandra RattrayHanak’s tire is our garage to go to. Very fair prices and nice people.

Emma CrosleyGreat service and great guys👏🙂

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