Farm Real Estate etc 1903-1908 Lanark County — Names Names Names


1904 Almonte Gazette

Last week Mr. P. J. Young sold his farm on the ninth line, with his stock and implements, to Mr. John Oates, who has been a resident of Almonte for the past two years or so, Mr. Young ■ taking Mr. Oates’ property on Union street in part payment for the farm. The price received by Mr. Young was $7,200. The exchange of properties was made this week, and now Mr. Young and Mr.Naismith have become residents of Almonte—a welcome addition to the Citizenship of our town. April 4 1903

All the James Greig estate pro­perty in this town is shortly to be
offered for sale april 17 1903

Mr. Smith, who owned the Carleton steam laundry, has disposed of his business to Mr. Latimer, of the City New York laundry, and the latter will combine the two under the name of the Carieton Place Steam Laundry April 17 1905

Mr. Alex. R. Yuill’s sale last week was a successful one, and now the fini) Ayrshire herd of “ Meadowside Farm,” which was the oldest herd of Ayrshires in Canada and was for the past thirty-four years the winner of many prizes, is now broken up and scattered. One pleasing feature however, is that the animals all remain in the neighborhood, the ones taken furthest away being a pair of heifers bought by Mr. Robt. Metcalf, of Pakenham. The township of Ramsay still retains a large number of the animals, the Messrs. Cochran being among the largest buyers. The sale totalled $2,160.40. The farm was not sold- April 1906

The sale of the farm eSects of the late Wm. Smith, Ramsay, on Friday last was great success, particularly of the live stock. CoWs sold as high as $75, horses $175, sheep in the neighborhood of $10, and so on. The implements did not seem to be so much in demand, but the bidding on the stock-was very brisk. Mr. Jas. W. Bowes bought four head of cattle, all at good prices. April 13 1906

Mr. T. B. McGibbon, of Beckwith, last week’ sold his fine Clydesdale team to Peter McEwen, of Franktown, for the handsome sum of $400- April 13, 1905

Mr. Elias ‘Abraham was here last week from New Liskeard to purchase horses. He secured a heavy well matched span of sisters from Ben. Hilliard, paying $425 for them. His other animals, six in all, were nearly equally of superb frame and action. The Hilliard team was for the hotel ’bus ami they were clad in a $50 harness. The balance of the car was filled with oats and bay and half a dozen sets of single harness. April 1906

 Mr. James Steele recently sold the Henry farm in Ramsay to Mr. Richard Burroughs, of March. The farm has witnessed several ownerships since the Canada Company secured it from the Crown. Mr. Henry bought it in 1866. Then followed, as owners, William Hughes, Peter Turner, John Moore and Mr. Rivington. Mr. Burroughs is a. first-class farmer and is sure to become a good neighbor and a prosperous business man April 1906

Mr. A. Johnston has bought Mr. Chas. Simpson’s property on Queen street, and will become a welcome citizen of Almonte. He has also taken over Mr. Simpson’s real estate auctioneer business. Mr. Simpson intends going west on account of Mrs. Simpson’s health, and she will join him when he has decided where he will locate. He and Mr. Johnston will go somewhat extensively into horse-buying for the western markets. April 27 1906

Mr. Mcllquham began on Monday morning clearing space for a brick extension of his commercial annex. April 8 1908 ( Mississippi hotel)

Mr. Mcllquham is celebrating the quarter century mark of his purchase of the Mississippi hotel. “ Watty ” has never been derogatory to the highest enterprises. Let us hope that the next .quarter will find him just as smiling and as strenuous= April 12, 1907

Mr. George Thom has broken down the middle wall of partition in his stone block on Bridge Street in Carleton Place and so throws himself into very spacious quarters for his general business ; at the same time transferring his fancy goods section into the -Bell Block, South side. april 24 1907

Mr. L. McDonald’s auction sale was held at his farm on the tenth line of Ramsay on Thursday of last week. There was a large attendance and good prices were obtained for the stock. One team of horses bought  for $300 and the young cattle, of which there was a large stock, brought good prices. Messrs. McPhail purchased the farm some time ago, and will run it in connection with their present property on the tenth line. April 3 1908

Mr. Robt. MeLenahan has sold his brick residence on Lake Avenue, to Mr. Chas. Johnstone, and Mr. J. B. Elliott has disposed of his double house next door to Mr. Wm. Machin. Mr. C. Mclnitosh also disposed of the Shilson property o-n tfae same street, to W- C. Leech. April 3 1908

The auction sale at Mr.. Wallace’s last Thursday was well attended and good prices were, realized, cows bringing as high as $41. M r. C .Hollinger was the auctioneer, and Councillor Syme acted as clerk. April 1908

Malcolm H. Leininger, Lanark Village, has purchased the property and business of John White, merchant, Hopetown and moved up there on Saturday. Mr. Leininger until lately, carried on the sash, door and planning factory business with Archibald Affleck, having bought the same from Mr. W.W. Campbell-Perth Courier, Dec. 7, 1888

Perth Courier, Jan. 14, 1898–Auction Sale Farm Stock and Implements—Christopher Donaldson, Lot 26, 12th Concession Bathurst. Mr. Donaldson has retired from farming and everything must be sold.

Auction Sale Farm Stock and Implements: Richard T. Noonan, Lot 20, 5th Concession Burgess–Perth Courier, Feb. 19, 1897

Bonnie Mitchell is looking for.,

Hi Linda, I’m looking for any information regarding a fire at the farm of Arnold Klassen of Smiths Falls around 1970 or 1971. The only other information I have is that he was a pig farmer and lost everything in the fire. Thanks( photo is my kitchen with a Lanark County sign “Pigs for Sale”

Memories— share if you have any of farms..

Tammy MarionI remember a great vegetable stand that use to be in Franktown on the corner of Hwy#15 and #10. If I recall correctly it was a guy in a wheelchair that ran it or looked after it. Use to stop there quite often.

Tania IretonFerrier’s farm on Scotch Line. All the veggies and corn! In their back/summer kitchen I think.

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