Memories of Larry Clark’s Photos- Bonds Horricks and Tombstones

Memories of Larry Clark’s Photos- Bonds Horricks and Tombstones
Bridge Street Carleton Place Salvation Army where Restroom sign is on left- Mississippi Hotel/ The Grand Hotel on right. Canadian Tire ( now Gas Bar on left) You see the building on the left next to the Moose that is now the parking lot. Joie Bonds on the right with the Export sign 1963

1962.. Photo Larry Clark— Memories? Mrs. Bond’s store next to the Mississippi was another great place to visit. Can’t really remember what would have attracted me there, other than the store was packed almost to the ceiling along the walls, and the displays were overflowing with goods. Mostly items of interest to the female population but I’m thinking she may also have sold “candy”?

Of course my memory is not perfect, so there is bound to be confusion regarding the goods being sold.

Larry Clark

Joie Bond’s store on the right

Linda HallahanVisited there often for a chat and to find cut out paper dolls as little girl.

Ted HurdisFirecrackers

Ted Hurdis Some very famous people signed that little record book Mrs. Bond kept for fireworks. People these days wouldn’t believe Elvis Presley, Don Knots and many other celebrities shopped downtown Carleton Place😎

Alison BondI had heard once that she lived on Lake ave. Can anyone confirm this?

Danielle NeilAlison Bond I believe she lived above the store.

Janet KerryLoved going there. Also this is okd as looks like there was still parking on both sides of the street.

Pat HortonUse to go there to buy hair ribbons

Donna Lowe WardShe sold everything. You just had to find It! 😂🤣

John EdwardsShe and her brother, Bunny, (of canoe club fame) maintained a patch of grass and perimeter garden beside the building now paved over.When we shopped for firecrackers 🧨, I thought the immense amount of dry goods piled up everywhere combined with incendiary devices was not a good idea..

Julia Waugh GuthrieIt was always a treat when we got to go there and rummage through for a treasure. 😁

Roger RattrayMrs. Bond had a great assortment of 💥 Fireworks.

Kevin LevesqueYup. Firecrackers. We had to sign a page for tracking the purchase. I was Superman that day.

John LaroseLady finger fire crackers by the hand full

Ray PaquetteMs. Bond also had a great inventory of school supplies and as it was on the way to Central School for many of us, it was a go to store for those “forgotten” items…

Danielle NeilMrs. Melba Barker used to send Janet Barker and me there to get thread, needles, and other small items. Joey was a hoarder but she only took moments to locate anything you needed!

Karen RobinsonShe had good comic books. Bought mine there.

Susan McCuan-HarronWent there to get a quill for a pioneer project for school.

Ruth SawdonRemember the steel bar across the bottom of the window and getting my tongue stuck to it in the winter….. still feel the pain.

Bill Horricks Texaco

Bill LemayEarl horricks Texaco to the left

Bill RussellBill Lemay I remember Horricks had the Esso across from the bank. The Texaco I remember Rupert St. Jean as the proprietor. Ron Armour had the Gulf station on the other corner.

Bill LemayBill Russell earl had the Texaco then the esso Morley black took over the Texaco

Bill RussellGas at 39.9 cents/Gal. or 10.54 cents/Litre.

Peter JoannouBill Russell It’s actually worse than that. You used a US gallon in that conversion (3.78l) instead of the Imperial gallon (4.54l) which was sold here. So it was actually 8.79 cents/litre. Now THAT’s inflation!

The tombstone in the Basement— read–When Wallpaper Killed You — Walls of Death

Dave HickI bought the building in 98 and found a tombstone in the basement-His name was Jacob Bond died in 1873

Danielle NeilDave Hick was it engraved?There was a coroner or funeral services business just a few buildings up the street over Stewart’s (?) furniture store.

Dave HickDanielle Neil the gravestone was broken in the 50s and taken to the store to be repaired where it got forgotten, gave the stone to Jake Gallipeau who looked after the Anglican cemetery where it was repaired and reinstatedJacob died from inhaling toxic wallpaper paste and was buried with his infant son-inda Seccaspina there is a photo in the Canadian by Jeff McGuire in 2000 I think and a story that he and I researched at the time

Ray PaquetteDanielle Neil The name of the Funeral Director was Fulford, and he was the predecessor of Alan R. Barker. I was a boyhood chum of Billy Fulton whose Dad worked in the business…

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