Robertsons Keepsake Building Memories and Comments

Robertsons Keepsake Building Memories and Comments
march 1928 Almonte gazette

The property itself was owned by a number of people before George Wilson bought it in 1861 for $700.00. He had a store and residence built about 1868 by William Scrimgeour. Wilson sold this to Robert Brown and Peter McArthur in 1870 for $8000.00. They operated a general goods store; Brown residing in Montreal. In 1881, James Robertson bought the building for $10,000. 

Upon his death in 1908, the store was willed to his son, Fred, who continued as a merchant until 1928. At this point, William Pimlett bought the store and operated until 1960. In 1960, he sold the store to R.J. France for $33,000. He sold to Arthur Baker in 1972 for $55,000. In 1984, Arthur P. Baker sold to 592178 Ontario Inc.. In 1987, 592178 Ontario Inc. sold to Brian Gallagher. In 1998, BrianGallagher mortgaged Irene Kennedy. In 2012, MJ Assets purchased it. In 2017, 2570155 Ontario Inc. purchased it following an asking price of $975,000.

.— Sarah More

Almonte Gazette 1905
January 1880 Almonte Gazette– Did you find Mrs Robertson’s muff?
John WillisThis is the Cashmere & Rose shop at the corner of Mill and Bridge.

Alice PaigeI have always been told my great grandfather Smith was a jeweller who had a jewelry store in this building. He and his wife and family of 11 children lived on Union St. Early 1900’s? They left Almonte and moved to North Bay.

Chris Baker EnglishThis was my mom and dad’s building where they operated a jewelry store and flower shop (Baker’s Jewelry, Gifts and Flowers).

Barbara Joan CookChris Baker English I bought my first watch at Baker’s – still have the watch and it still works

Jeri LunneyChris Baker English It was a wonderful store. I also went to high school with Marte.

Douglas RiceAnother great example of the value proposition in Real Estate over time. Fabulous work by the skilled masons of the time!!

John EdwardsWonderful Georgian style commercial building of the Nineteenth century. Common in Kingston and rare in Lanark Cty with only a few examples in Perth, Almonte and Pakenham.

1970s March Almonte gazette

march 1928 Almonte Gazette

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