The Falcon History and Hockey– Comments from the Readers

The Falcon History and Hockey– Comments from the Readers
Thanks Ron Black— Ron Black
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Falcon Restaurant Hwy 7.,1967….

Jennifer HindriksenI grew up on this road and my Mom worked there. My sister’s and I were always there.

Gail Sheen-MacDonaldThe Falcon was on the way to our cottage in Innisville. We stopped there ofen.

Wilma Hurdis-BoughnerWorked there when Jim and Matilda MacFarlane owned it. My aunt and uncle.

Wendy Tilley John CorneilBest cheeseburgers around!!!

Sherri IonaUsed to walk by on the way home to the farm at Montgomery Shores, and occasionally get a treat, from SS#1 Ramsey School.

Cheryl Claire DeforgeIt was our meeting place for my parents cousins then off to a wicked night of card games!When you went inside the door I believe there was a booth to seat in. Also there was a young boy about my age always running around?

John MontreuilI remember going there with my buddy Norm Brown to fill up his moms VW. She gave him $50 dollar bill and Norm told her he put $50 in gas in the VW bug. Norms mom knew it would only hold about $25 and docked his allowance the other $25

Lawrie SweetMy mom ,dad and sister would stop there in the sixty’ s for ice cream and candy ..even my son seems to remember going in early 80s is that possible? ..wish it was still there ..The Falcon..🚗 wow glad to have a picture thanks

Cindy NewmanI can remember walking there as a kid.

Brenda Voyce MunroAfter the Mississippi we, would heard to the Falcon, for a feast , to soak up all that booze.. lol

Kurt BigrasSpent a lot of Friday and Saturday nights there .

Susan McNeely WaughFrank Quinn our bus driver would let us kids off the bus to grab ice cream for the drive home! Lots of memories!

Bentley HoltschneiderThe Lemieux family ran the Falcon in the 80’s…Allan served the pumps for fuel. He was the best!

Sherri IonaThe Falcon was the closest store to our farm growing up. When we hiked across the fields to school, it was the half way point.

Kathy LoweWe have fond memories of the Falcon. It was a wonderful service in the area. The McCreary factory was called the IXL because the farmer co-op who owned it wanted it to excell all other factories. Ray has remembers helping his dad to make cheese there.

Norma MorrowYes I remember Jim & Matilda. Matilda was a wonderful lady & a survivor of the Holocaust. She showed me the tattoo on her arm.

Nancy James Watkinsbest memory of the Falcon ……the bar stools that spun

Joann VoyceI believe the Falcon was built by my Great Uncle Dan Miller

Stan CarterA great place to eat on the midnight shift…

Ross MarshallI worked there in 59 and the 60. For Jimmy Mcfarland

collection Linda Seccaspina

Richard DulmageFalcon Reataurant #7 owned at one time by Paul Mckay

Lesley Leigh HurdisMy uncle jimmy owned at one time as well

Drew SoikieThe Rathwell’s also ran it near the end

Dan WilliamsI remember leaving the Queens at last call on the night before duck hunting season opened and stopping at the Falcon for a bite to eat on our way to the blind in Cinch’s bay and then again on our way home.

Dave WhiteThey sponsored a hockey team in the Lanark Senior League back in the 60’s. The Falcons had players from Innisville, Scotch Corners and Carleton Place. Fun team in a rough tough league.

Lila Leach-JamesDave White did the Purdy boys not play for the Falcons… think I have an old photo around somewhere.

Llew LloydDave White I played on that team for a short time.The movie slap shot had nothing on that league

David McNeelyLlew Lloyd They sponcered a broom ball team as well.I think it was the early 70s.I think Charlie Purdy was on the team.

Dave White-Lila Leach-James I think they did. The guys I remember were Ron and Don Cummings, Doug Menzies, and Eddie Lafferty from Innisville, George Gardiner, Orville Cook, Doug Weir, Charlie James from Scotch Corners, Ken McNeely and Clarence Bowes. Fred Code I remember played with a green ball cap on.

Ted hurdis photo–The mighty Falcon Restaurant peewee ‘s

Lila Leach-JamesDave White My hubby Alf played in Lanark and Brandt Purdy in early 70’s….Alf and Brandt both worked for Bell Canada but Charlie and Brandt both played hockey for The Falcon so they invited Alf!

Jacqueline BrandinoDave White my dad was Doug Weir.I absolutely love the pictures of him as a goalie, with his leather pads and wooden stick.Amazing!!And he was a great goalie from what I’ve been told

Dave WhiteJacqueline Brandino I went to the games with my parents as a kid. They had a great team and I remember your Dad making some amazing saves. Excellent goalie.

Jacqueline Brandino
February 29, 2020  · 

Ted WalshJacqueline Brandino That was ’69-’70, I was working in Kingston then and came up for every game. Back row was Dave (Skitter) Scott, Ted Walsh, Keith (Casey) McNeely, Clarence (Milt) Bowes and Lorrie Rintoul. Middle row had Punch McCullough, ???, ???, Brian Bigras, ???, ???..Front row was Jean LeBlanc, ???, Charlie Purdy, Doug Weir and ???…Can anyone add more names?

Tom EdwardsCharlie McVeigh had it with Durrell Stubinski at the end I think. Bill White myself and a couple others worked there for a summer and a bit.

Tom EdwardsThey used to bootleg. I remember my mom telling me one time that my dad thought he was calling Jim for a case of beer and he had called the police station. The numbers were almost the same lol.

Llew LloydThe Bollegraff family sp.? ran it when I was in my later years in High School. Carla was a cheerleader in 65.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
02 Apr 1969, Wed  •  Page 52

Mary Ann GagnonLlew Lloyd yep! Carla, Jean and Joan Baker,Honey Blaine,Marsha Fournier,Melinda Doyle and me!

Llew Loyd-Mary Ann Gagnon Bonnie says Carla and most of the family moved out west when they sold the restaurant, but an older sister became a nurse in Ottawa

Joan StearnsJerry’s first job was at the Falcon Restaurant working for Jimmy and Matilda McFarlane when he was 15 yrs old, Donnie Wilson got him that job .

Bett WatsonMy husband and our best friends ate breakfast there on Sat Sept 26, 1970 the day we got married. We were out there a lot.

Merrill ElliottFalcon was our friday supper stop on the way to mccloughs camp ground as a kid

Dan RathwellI think it was a gas station/restaurant during my families run….I know my mom was a server there. I think the Trading Post came about after them…during the 80’s

Linda Seccaspina–The Book Galery was its last tennant and it burnt down

Tina LaRocqueI wanna say I think I remember something about books being there but I cant be 100% sure. Still too bad they tore it down.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
18 Sep 2002, Wed  •  Page 31

 The Falcon Carleton Place Memories—Approximately 50 years ago, my older Sister Beatrice Gibson, my younger sister, Carol (Gibson) Brownlee, and I worked for Shirley and Warner at the Falcon Restaurant near Carleton Place. If was first time summer jobs for Carol and I, and we really appreciated the generosity of Shirley and Warner. Quite often, they would drive us home to Lammermoor, after a full day of work on Saturday – not many employers do that. Shirley reconnected with Beatrice a few years ago, and Carol and I had a chance to visit her on one of those occasions. It was so nice to see her after so many years, and she was still her jolly self with lots of interesting conversation. Shirley was an amazing woman and will certainly be missed. Posted by Norma Ennis 

Sandra Sanderson
December 2, 2020  · 

simpler times…..wonderful memories!

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and this is what it is today

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