The Bat Signal of Carleton Place

The Bat Signal of Carleton Place

‘We got a hookup so when the phone rang a light came on out on the main street and down at the corner of Beckwith Street. You would be driving around the main intersection, and you’d look out and if the light was on, you knkew someone had called looking for you. @James McIsaac

Cathy DulmageRay McIsaac was the model all police officers should use as an example and strive to become the man he was. He was fair and just and a credit to his uniform. Carleton Place was so lucky to have had Ray as their police chief. Paul Dulmage

Ross NicholsThere used to be a yellow light hanging across the street by the Town Hall back in the early 60s. This was before cell phones and radios It would light up to alert the constable that he was needed back at the police station. If people were driving by and saw the light they will flag the constable that he was need back up the station. I guess it was Carleton place’s own bat signal Although a very scaled down version

Ann EckerI used to visit with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Penny when they were caretakers of the Town Hall and lived in the apartment down stairs. My Uncle always told us we better behave cause the jail was right there. The fire alarm rang once when we were there scared us half to death.

Karen DormanWhen I was a teenager, we came home to see a light waving around in Harvey Asseltine’s. The police were called and they told us they couldn’t come unless someone picked then up. Their cruiser was in the garage.

Neil LarmourBlair Hurdis fire hall entrance was to the right of the police station entrance. Many good times up there

Carol McDonaldThose were good old days when the police walked the beat and knew everyone, and if they didn’t know they’d find out. Many times took kids home to parents , telling them to keep track of their kids activities. Most of the policemen took an interest in all things around town.

Carol McDonald Wayne Jimmy and Paul. All brought me home a few times to Ed and I think one time it would have been better to not been taken home lol

Lynne JohnsonYou just needed to check the street to see if the cruisers were parked to determine if they were out on patrol

Paul BergsmaI spent a night in the drunk tank there. lol–Chad Hastie they took us for a tour of the jail during VIP program in grade school and then when I was a little bit older I got to see it again. Lol

Marlene SpringerThe guys would race on Town Line when they knew where the town cars were!

Jeff IrvineI’ll never forget reading…..”KEITH LEE WAS HERE” carved in a bench! Actually laughed out loud

Karen DormanI used to babysit for Jim Lowe. One night he was taking me home in the cruiser when we meet Herbie at a corner. Jim just said taking the babysitter home and we went on our way.

Rob RussellHahahahaha, I love how a bunch of people I went to school with are commenting about spending some quality time inside those walls! The 90s were a special time!!!

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