One Snowy Night in Carleton Place — A Short Memoir by Dennis Lloyd

One Snowy Night in Carleton Place — A Short Memoir by Dennis Lloyd


Karen McGee Thank you so much for this photo..
I found this photo among my Dads things. C. P. Police in 1982 in front of station when still at the townhall.. Fr. Row r/l Brian Sonnenburg, Wayne Drummond, my Dad Chief Ray McIsaac, J. Dezell, Jim Birtch, Back r/l/?, ?, Ronnie Latham, Terry Williams.

Dennis– this story was way to good when you posted in my timeline… Had to post it LOLOL- Linda

One snowy night I spent most of the night in Carleton Place jail. My buddy played guitar and sang at the Legion, and I played spoons. On this night, we were not drinking at all, and at evening’s end assisted the Legion ladies by carrying the cases of empties downstairs for them. Upon leaving around 1:30 to heavy snow, I invited my buddy back to my place so I could drive him home.

On Bridge Street, a town cop car (before OPP) stopped and we were requested to get into the cruiser. After our protests, we were escorted to jail which was then located in the Town Hall.

After much discussion, we were informed that it was a “slow night” – and would my buddy play guitar for them? He entertained them until 4am, and we were allowed to go. I lived just around the corner, so I walked home. The sargeant – my buddy’s cousin – insisted on driving him home.

The next day, I was informed that, upon pulling into the driveway, the sergeant turned on the cruiser’s flashing lights, knowing that his parents’ bedroom window was right there above the garage. He had lots of convincing to do next morning…

I LOVE Carleton Place!

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