Caldwell 1959 Tom Page and a few other photos

Caldwell 1959 Tom Page and a few other photos

Thanks to Tom Page Caldwell 1959

Bri DickieI am with Donna ^ – heartbroken. Having had Mrs. Menzies as the teacher that inspired me to become one, I have always had a respect for their remarkable relationship. They were so kind to so many. Having roofed their house a few times, I experienced their hospitality and kindness repeatedly. I think we all loved their desire to help “the old folks” even when they were in advanced years themselves:) He sure cut a pretty suave picture when he and Mrs. Menzies cruised around town in their Jaguar.

Donna Lowe WardBri Dickie lovely words. I was lucky enough to have Marion Menzies as my Grade 3 teacher and then when I began my teaching career at Caldwell I was her Grade 1 teaching partner. She took me under her wing and she and Bob treated Lee and I like family. Such a special couple.

Norma Ford
February 8, 2016  · 

The picture below is from 1951 taken on the front steps at Calgary Church School on Victoria Street when it housed a couple of grades before Caldwell Street School was built. Can anybody fill in the ? for me.
Left to Right – 1st row – Teacher – Dorothy Craig-Reid, Sandra Donnelly, Sharon Irwin, ?, Diane Hamilton, Arlene Hurdis, ?, Janet Hurdis, Norma Drummond, Norma Clark.
Left to Right – 2nd row – Gail Buffam, Janice Hale, Lorna Hurdis, Janet Switzer, Peggy Cole, Shirley Williams, Norma Dorman, ?, Eddy Lackey.
Left to Right – 3rd row – Jack Shail, ?, Delmer Waugh, Bobby Scott, David Hamilton, ?, Peter Wilson, Gary Eastman, Terry Julian.
Left to Right – 4th row – Bobby Stanzel, David McGee, ?, Danny Desrosiers, Richard Mason.
Caldwell Gr 7 Mrs Duncan — Caldwell Street School, Carleton Place.
and then they went to Carleton Place High School…. 1970-71

Doreen VaillancourtBrl Jamie Bridge, randy Amiotte ? John Armour Terry Preisto ? Steve ?, Doug Porteous, Tim Neil, Bill Featherstone, ?Mrl Me Doreen Mahoney, Heather White, Sherri Reynolds, Julie deschamp, Terry Illingsworth, Lee ann Brisco, ? Lynch, Jeff Drummond, ? Russell, ?Frl Janet Tuttle, ?, ?Hastie, Barb RIntol, Peggy McDermid, Diane Lowe, Susan Morris, ? Morrison

Caldwell 1971-1972
Caldwell 1971-1972

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