Documenting a Lanark Highlands Building

Documenting a Lanark Highlands Building
This was the abandoned Lanark Highlands building in 1982–Tom Fournier 1982

Warren GartonI used to walk up to this store from the beach to get a treat.

Terry ClossAlthough it’s faint and blurry … the sign on the side has the name CLOSS on it!

Frank Wallaceisn’t this the store at the head of the lake belonging to cecil closs?

Wendy CooperYes that was your uncles place, I was by there yesterday with Noreen.

Frank WallaceWendy Cooper drank many a beer there with lola,vera and trixie in the early 70’s

Hope-k JayFrank Wallace, there used to be an old Coca Cola sign on the side…it disappeared years ago…this is the head of Dalhousie Lake, yes?

Elaine DeLisleFrank Wallace still there the road hasn’t changed a bit.

That was 2019, can anyone tell me about this building now??

Julie Phillips Bowden2 days

I was there a few years ago–the upstairs floor is sagging and the stairs were almost done–alot of damage inside –have pictures here or had somewhere—it must have been pretty once–now not so much

Kate Hurdis

It’s the old store. There was also an old wooden grain silo and a bunch of old cars in the back field.

We rented a cottage on the lake for years and knew the owner of the property so we explored many times. I have tons of pictures

Theresa Barr

I remember when we were kids in the 60’s we would walk from the beach to the store for a treat. Sad to see it blending into the landscape

GlenSr Newberry

It was Cecil and Vera Closs that owned the store went there many times when we were kids still remember getting ice cream there

Kelsey Hodgson

lavant mill road! I heard it used to be a shoe store once upon a time


-Both photos Laura Bond–Abandoned – Ottawa/Gatineau & The Valley
Photo-Wayne Bray

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Leanne WalkerSusanne Hough Yes it is. Taken in the 70’s I’m guessing. The picture was shared to me by Mrs Closs’s grandson. The original store:(

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  1. was there a few years ago–the upstairs floor is sagging and the stairs were almost done–alot of damage inside –have pictures here or had somewhere—it must have been pretty once–now not so much—-


  2. The early photo with the car, was taken by my father in the early 50’s. My mother, Catherine Closs is on the left and my aunt Vera (Paul) Closs is on the right. The log building back by the tree was the original home on the property. There were Old Chum tobacco signs in all the windows of the newly constructed store. At one time, there were visible fill gas pumps off to the side. The store was a popular refreshment stop with the logging/lumber trucks that ran up Lavant Mill Road.


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