Documenting the Roadmasters Road Club? Beth Sweeney

Documenting the Roadmasters Road Club? Beth Sweeney
Beth Sweeney
Jeaneth, Gloria, Jo, me…back in the dayđź’–

Hi Linda,

Just wondering if you have ever run across pics or stories of the Carleton Place boys Roadmasters Road Club? It was in the late 60s. I have my own stories but it would be great to hear from others. Jim Lay(rip) (blue Chevy Impalla), Bill Thom (rip), Billy Crampton, Lloyd Chamney were just a few of the lads. We girlfriends used to sit outside of the location (Old Coleman’s Dairy, converted into a garage) waiting for the guys to take us for a drag race down the Townline!

The lads were pretty fond of their cars. Lots of spit and shine, and lots of shinny hubcaps. I recall how all of us young dating couples would congregate in a lineup of lads, ladies(?) to steam up the car windows (innocent necking days back then). There were always trips to Port Elmsley Drive In theatre to watch a great movie under the stars. There were trips to Rideau Ferry to dance the night away, and of course we all stopped either at A&W drive thru or spent Friday nights at Carleton Place Curb Service, back in the day. In those days the food servers roller skated to your car with those great burgers and fries! Let’s Have Some Curb Service!

As I sit here though I am now remembering Ronnie Latham was part of the Roadmasters (I need help remembering them all). The guys had the greatest jackets made up and I wish I had photos.

Much appreciated! Thank you Linda

No thank you Beth Sweeney!!!!

SO who has photos??? It would be fun to hear stories and see photos.


Linda Gallipeau Johnson emailed me last night with this comment:

Linda, in a conversation about racing yesterday i was telling my grandson about the go-kart race track on the far end of High Street – the ladies that raced were called “Powder Puffs” as i remember. Also remember our neighbor Marion Menzies – Grade 3 teacher at Central used to race as well as her husband. Wonder if there were ever any pictures taken?

Let’s Have Some Curb Service!

In the late 80s Dwight Neron hoped to revive “Curb Service” on Townline that once flourished as the former popular Elmdale Lunch. Elmdale Lunch at one point in time was THE hang out for Carleton Place’s local teenagers. Neron’s dream was to have his new business remind everyone of the nostalgic TV sitcom Happy Days and even set up a real curb service where people could get served in their cars. He even wanted the outdoor waitresses to wear roller skates!

Ted HurdisClorise Anderson the pool place out on the corner of the eighth line. In front of Reids landscape.

Ted HurdisI remember both well. Funny side note we were talking about curb service last night at curling. My buddies and I would meet there almost every Sat. As we were convinced a milkshake, cheeseburger and fries cured the cobwebs out from our Friday night partying. Hahaha it seemed to work.

Beth SweeneySo miss Curb Service. It was a great place to meet up with friends. Good food, good times!

Margaret MartinCurb Service had the best hamburgers & great service, it was missed when it closed.

Ray PaquetteOnly a hang out, the Elmdale Lunch, for those fortunate few that owned or had access to a car! The rest of us hung around the Olympia, the Pool Room or Bellamy’s…

Dale CostelloWorked at Curb Service in the mid 50’s as a car hop. One of my school buds pArents owned the restaurant. They just don’t make them like Curb Service anymore. Sad.

Photo 3 of Mr. Blackburn in a Carleton Place parade in one of his bathroom appliance vehicles.. Notice the CURB SERVICE on the toilet… One of the most requested photos of Carleton Place. Thanks to Karen Blackburn Chenier

A couple of pillows and a blanket, were a nice touch, and made movie-viewing a comfy, cozy event.  We’d also bring a small flashlight, because nothing was worse for us girls than stumbling around on the gravel path, trying to find our way to the washroom, on a dark, moonless night; especially right after watching a scary scene in a horror movie. That just didn’t work for us.  Sometimes we’d bring a roll of t.p. from home, in case they ran out, which happened once in a while during the all-night movie marathons— read more Port Elmsley – Drive-In Dreamin’ Arlene Stafford

Photo- Arlene Stafford- Rideau Ferry Inn – Those Hot Summer Nights!

Oh, those hot summer nights at the Rideau Ferry Inn!  The dancing, the laughter, stolen kisses, sneaking drinks in the parking lot, and the best live rock and roll around!

Its official name back then, was the Poonamalie Pavilion, but nobody called it that.  To my friends and me, it was simply the Rideau Ferry Inn; and you could find us there most weekend nights in the summer, socializing, laughing, and dancing the night away.

Rideau Ferry Inn – Those Hot Summer Nights!

Rideau Ferry Road– Black Snakes Bridges and SS#6

Tales from Oliver’s Ferry

The Tragic Tale of the Rideau Ferry Swing Bridge

The Coutts House- Rideau Ferry Inn

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