So Where was Lloyd Ontario Lanark County? Thanks to Jennifer E. Ferris

So Where was Lloyd Ontario Lanark County? Thanks to Jennifer E. Ferris

All that is left of Lloyd Ontario is a mention below and I felt it needed to be documented.

Populated place – a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work Region:Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Latitude:45° 9′ 14″ N
Longitude:76° 19′ 45″ W
Lat/Long (dec):45.15389,-76.32944

Almonte Gazette Decemeber 1911

So where was it? For that I go to Jennifer E. Ferris… Five minutes after I asked she found it. It was near the end of the 12th line of Lanark, and on the same road as the floating bridge. Lloyd was on this side of the water. “16 is wolf grove rd”- At least one Thompson family farm there. Thanks Jennifer!!

If you have any memories of Lloyd Ontario please let me know.

november 1943
Photo thanks to Jennifer E. Ferris
At least one Thompson family farm there. Thanks Jennifer!! Photo jennfier E Ferris

Not sure if they leaned Clayton way or Rosetta way, as they are about half way between??

1969 topo map– Jennifer Fenwick Irwin
Black square is a house, long rectangle is a barn- ( Lloyd, Ontario) Jennifer E Ferris

From Jennifer E. Ferris

Ok, so the following is from Charles Dobies page online —- Schedule of post office boxes for Lanark township Thos McMunn, on conc 11, lot 16, listed as owner, and mailbox is RR#5 Almonte.

James Thompson, on conc 11,lot 16, listed as owner, mailbox is RR#2 Clayton. Lot 16 is the first lot north of Wolf grove road, and concession 11 means it’s on the left side of the 12th line as you drive up towards the lake and former floating bridge.

On the other side of the road was Henry Savage, lot 16, owner, RR#2 Clayton Enoch Giles, lot 17, owner, RR#2 Clayton John Ireton, lot 18, owner, RR#2 Clayton. (names and locations were designated as owner or tenant) Also, the Concession 12 families could be either on Lanark conc 12, right side of the road, Or On the current Clayton road, on the left side as you drive towards the village. (the east vs west side of the lot are not mentioned) For concession 12, those residents on the east side were off of Lanark concession 12. Those on the west half of the concession would be off the current Clayton road.

That’s the mailboxes details—-Lanark Township, Lanark County, Ontario, 1918

Jennifer sent Today at 2:03 PM

The original settlers are different names. One may be a misspelling, but is taken as transcribed online. Original settlers details come from a set of web pages called Granny’s Genealogy Garden. Original settlers for Lanark Twp, concession 11, lot 18 east, John Chapman Sr, located on April, 25, 1821 Lanark Twp, concession 12, lot 17 east, John Loye, located on Feb 10, 1821 Lanark Twp, concession 12, lot 17 West, James Tierney, located on Feb 2, 1821

Thanks Jennifer for all your hard work…

Lanark Highlands is a township in eastern Ontario, Canada in Lanark County. The township administrative offices are located in the village of Lanark. HistoryThe current township was incorporated on July 1, 1997 by amalgamating the former townships of Darling, Lanark, and the previously combined township Lavant, Dalhousie and North Sherbrooke with the village of Lanark.CommunitiesThe township comprises the communities of Arklan, Boyds, Brightside, Bullock, California, Cedardale, Clyde Forks, Clydesville, Dalhousie Lake, Elphin, Flower Station, Folger, French Line, Halls Mills, Halpenny, Hood, Hopetown, Joes Lake, Lammermoor, Lanark, Lavant, Lavant Station, Lloyd, Marble Bluff, McDonalds Corners, Middleville, Pine Grove, Poland, Quinn Settlement, Rosetta, Tatlock, Watsons Corners, and White, as well as the ghost town of Herrons Mills

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