Spending the Holidays in Clayton 1955

Spending the Holidays in Clayton 1955
Photo from Rose Mary’s book-Rose Mary Sarsfield
December 8 at 8:02 PM  · 
There are still a few copies of my book available for those who haven’t gotten a copy yet, or as a Christmas gift to someone with ties to Clayton. They are available at the Clayton Store, the Lanark Era office or from me. rose@sarsfield.ca

We extend congratulations to Mr. Wm. J. Drynan who celebrated his 82nd birthday on Monday, Dec. 12th. Mr. Drynan is enjoying fairly good health and was out in hunting season to try his luck in getting a deer. 

Service in St. George’s Church on Sunday, Dec. 18th, will be in the morning at 10.30. There will be no service in the United Church on Sunday, Dec. 18th.

 We are glad to report Mr. Joseph Ladouceur somewhat improved following an operation on his knee. Mrs. J. Kirk has gone to spend some time in Almonte. 

The many friends of Mr. Gordon Currie were sorry to hear of his illness, and hope he will soon be his usual self again. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Drynan and sons, Robert and Boss, of Smiths Falls, visited with Mr. Wm. J. Drynan on his birthday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Curran and family of Smiths Falls spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. McGee. A large number attended the Lafrance-Cameron wedding in the community hall on Friday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alden Jones and family of Ottawa spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Virgin.

The W.A. of St. George’s Church held their December meeting at the home of Mrs. Ernie Moulton, with a good attendance. During the afternoon, a quilt was quilted for the bale. The ladies also made plans for the annual Christmas entertainment. 

Mrs. A. Nolan has gone to spend the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Loynes in Ottawa. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. McCreary spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Virgin.

 Mr. and Mrs. Austin Rathwell and Frances of Perth spent Sunday with Mr. Wm. J. Drynan and George. Mr. Kenneth McGee left on Monday for Petawawa, after spending a week at his home here. 

Friends here received word of the death of Mr. Ben Code at Bounty, Sask. 

The monthly meeting of the W.A. of the United Church was held on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Thomas Price, with a good attendance. The meeting was opened with a Tiymn and Scripture reading. Mrs. J. Currie and Mrs. McIntosh thanked the members for cards that had been sent. Mrs. Price vacated the chair for the election of officers, and Mrs Robertson presided. It was decided that all the officers remain the same for 1956. At the close of the’ meeting, lunch was served and a half hour enjoyed by all.

The annual joint Christmas tree and entertainment held on Thursday night by St. George’s Church and the United Church Sunday Schools, was a decided su c c e ss . There was a large attendance. Hev. M. M. Hawley acted as chairman, and the various schools in the district put on a very interesting program which opened with choruses by all the children. There were a couple of short plays, _ “The Two Santas,” by No. 6 School, and “ Without A Name,” by Hall’s Mills school; monologues by Heather Thompson and Gloria Ireton; Service in the United Church On Sunday* Jan. 1st, will be in the morning at 11 o’clock, and will be communion service. ’ Mr. Kenneth Bolger of St. Catharines spent Christmas and the holiday with friends here and in Almonte. The schools in this district all closed on Thursday for the holiday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Benford Allan and Charlene of London spent this week with their many friends “here and in Almonte.

 Mr. and Mrs. Keith McMunn and Mr. and Mrs. D. Caldwell Were guests on Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Linton Johnston and family of Pakenham district.

 Mrs. F. Paterson, Gary, Wayne and Heather, of Ottawa, and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kellough spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kellough. 

Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hudson for Christmas were Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Erskine of Almonte, Mr. and Mrs. C. Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hudson and’ Gary. 

Miss Mary Stewart, Reg. N., of Smiths Falls, spent the holiday at her home here.

 A family gathering was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Drynan on Christmas Day. Visitors at the home of Mr. Edward Shane and Mr. and Mr recitations were given by Norma Munro, Helen Miller, Eunice Rath, Charlie Rath, Leonard Watt and Elaine Rath; songs by the Drynan children, Gladys Munro, Mildred Cameron, Doris Munro, Norma Munro, Beverley Robertson, Jackie Munro, Willard Rath, Rose Mary Richards, Mary McIntosh, Evaleen McIntosh aiid Dorothy Drynan; a chorus by No. 6 school; duet by Anne and Ethel McArthur. Those presiding at the piano throughout the program were Mrs. H. Rath, Mrs. Gordon Drynan, Mrs. John James and Margaret Cochran. 

At the close of the entertainment, Santa arrived and distributed gifts and candy to all the children from a beautifully decorated tree. Service in St. George’s Church on Sunday, Jan. 1st, will be in the morning at 10.30 

James Shane on Christmas Day.were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shane and baby, Barbara Jean, and Mr. and Mrs. N. Patifie and Doreen of Ottawa. 

Those spending Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Virgin were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart and family of Almonte, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hamilton and children of Appleton District and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Virgin and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rath of Toronto spent Christmas and the holiday with their many friends here.

 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Giles and Jimmie and Clark Fraser of Cedar Hill visited on Friday evening with Miss Mary A. Giles. 

Those spending Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Halpenny were Mrs. O. M. Montgomery and Miss Ann Halpenny of Almonte, Mr. N. Halpenny and Albert of Halpenny district and Mr. A. Ireton. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Virgin spent Christmas and the holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Alden Jones and family in Ottawa, and with Mr. and Mrs. Garwood Warren and family at Chantry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bobertson of Hespeler visited on Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Robertson. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. McGee and sons, Kenneth, Harry and Clarence, spent Christmas with Mr, and Mrs. Len Curran at Smiths Falls. 

A family gathering was held on Christmas Day at the home of Mr. and Mrs; James Rath.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith McMunn and Mr. and Mrs. George Bolger visited on Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. T. McMunn in Carleton Place. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hudson and Gary were guests on Friday evening at a dinner given by Mrs. M. Richards in Carleton Place. 

Mr. and, Mrs. Keith Stanley and Glen of Toronto spent Christmas and the holiday with friends here.

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