Community Comments– Lanark Village Postcard

Community Comments– Lanark Village Postcard

Heather Lynn CaldwellTales of Almonte

Lanark Locker Plant was owned by my dads brother Gordon Caldwell. It was a general grocery store and butcher shop. Also a freezer storage area of lockers for people to store their meat like my parents did. Once a month we would go visit and pick up our frozen meat or my aunt and uncle would come to our house in almonte for supper and bring some. My uncle always put a couple of bazooka joe bubble gum in the bottom of the box for me

When he retired his youngest daughter Hilda Pretty and her husband Oral Pretty took over for quite a few years before selling it

Tales of Carleton Place

Larry Clark

No photos but I know the Kitten Factory was a big draw in Lanark circa 60s

Nicki Milnes

Larry Clark and a long time after that – until the 1990’s.

Mike Purdon

Both buildings still there. Pretty Goods grocery now

Ron ClossLanark Village Community Group

Lanark .5 to 1.00 owned by Don and Rita Miller. The store had everything and was a thriving business. Lanark Locker Plant was owned by Gordon Caldwell. Use to get fresh meat there and they would even hang peoples deer in the fall in the Locker Plant

Norma Sweeney

The millers were the most wonderful people. I remember going there as a child and buying Christmas presents , usually salt and proper shakers 😊. I’m thinking my mom had enough of those lol

Megan Smithson-Harrison

Lanark Locker Plant was my grandfathers store.

Donna Whyte

Megan Smithson-Harrison Lots of memories from that store worked there many years I loved your Grandfather such a kind caring man

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Andrea Snow

The millers opened the first postal box in the lanark post office when it was rebuilt in 1959 🙂

Also my dad still talks about being hung up in the meat locker… Georgette Cameron can confirm if it’s a fact or fiction though 😛

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Georgette Cameron

Andrea Snow …I have no idea about whether this happened or not but it may very well have happened. The Millers at the 5 cent to $1.00 store were sweethearts. It was really the only store I ever went to as a kid and I loved it! They had everything.


Josie Montgomery

Georgette Cameron I remember your parents taking Francie and I to that store and we were awed by the number of things for sale, and we were allowed to look at everything as long as we didn’t touch

Georgette Cameron

Josie Montgomery I love that memory. Thanks for sharing. My parents loved you and Francie. ❤️

Krista Caldwell

And later on Store#4 Glenayr

Megan Smithson-Harrison
1979 with my Grandfather Gordon Caldwell. Owner of Lanark Locker Plant

Karen Hicks

Both stores were thriving buisnesses in the day!! Loved shopping and Miller’s. My husband and I would come down from Toronto and we would get T bone steaks

Herb Ballantyne

My mom worked for the Miller’s at the .5 to 1.00 store with Blanche Munroe and Mrs. Bowes (I think her name was Florence?).

Krista Caldwell

Did Rita own the flower shop after

John Presley

Remember the bread truck in the parking lot


Jocelyn Ford

If was a movie store too in the 90s

Robert Fisher

We used to rent 2 lockers from Gordon too keep our meet and frozen food in. We had no electricity! Gordon was always puffing away on a big cigar and one day while he was wrapping up a stake I had just picked out a big ash fell from his cigar and landed on my stake he just blew it off and kept wrapping! Didn’t even fizz on him but that probably happened a couple of times a day!

Megan Smithson-HarrisonRobert Fisher I don’t recall his cigar ever being lit. He chewed them to the knob. Not sure he even owned a lighter.

Milotte Leanne Tony

Lot’s of memories great store, also remember on Halloween night the Miller’s home was a must always had the best treats usually chocolate bars full sized ones

Anne Labelle

Any one remember the town police Pepsi fraser

Emily Desjardins

My Mom and Dad use to rent an apartment from Gordon Caldwell before the fire.It was above the store.around 1954.They were newlyweds.Millers store did have everthing. Many the lace handkerchiefs, buzz buzz pink lipstick, Evening in Parisand sweet pea perfume,fishnet stockings,iterchangable earrings…Does anyone else remember these things? Memories!

Sandra Brown

So many wonderful memories stirred up reading this just love it! Christmas time was always special would get all my money to go shopping at Millers as well Norma Sweeney they had everything! What was the name of the guy who drove the milk truck, he also had ice cream in tubes it was so good !

Sandi Schonauer

Those were very good days, Loved those stores,

Blair T. Paul, Artist – Canadian and International

The booming days of Lanark…all of these stores still exist but under new owners…good for them!

Faye Lee

Flower shop Rita Traill

United Church in the background.

Kim Richmond

I think we grew up in the best time possible. So many great memories.

Leona Stewart

Love everyone sharing. Such great memories!!! Dan Boothby just died in the last year

Karen McNicol

Precious memories!


Shirley Kargakos

The store looks so nice there.


Judy Arnott

The 5 to 1 dollar store. A child’s dream store, everything from clothes ,toys dishes sundries. The Lanark Locker Plant. Fresh local meat and produce, canned goods and freezer space for those of us who didn’t have a home freezer. You could order your groceries and Jim Anderson would deliver to your home. You were always greated by name and a smile from Gordon and Donna Whyte on cash. Free bones for soup or your fur friend. Lanark had everything your household needed

John Presley

Dave mclaren in post office

Rob Eady

Just want to confirm that this is the current thrift store and Pretty Goods . The street looks larger for some reason was in this picture.

Judy ArnottRob Eady no crazy boulevards

Janet Adele

5 and dime store we bought Christmas presents their when we were kids for each other

Haley Bowes

The Lanark Locker Plant was owned by my grandfather, Gordon Caldwell. He was a butcher, and the butcher table he used now resides at my fathers hunt camp in Middleville ♥️

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  1. No better place to grow up than Lanark, I left in 1980 to make my fortune in in the Northwest, but memories of the late sixties and seventies in the village will always be the best to me, didn’t have much but always an adventure when you are a kid, Hahahahahaha I’m still a kid at 65 and am still adventuring


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