Documenting Isabel Hogan’s Candy Store

Documenting Isabel Hogan’s Candy Store
Isabelle Hogan’s candy counter sure has changed since the 60s– from Frank Will Fix It–Bridge and Colborne Sts.–It was a popular stop for every kid

Tracy Giles-ThompsonBest candy store in town when we were kids!!🍭

Andy WilliamsI would walk there (alone) when I was 3 years old, and cross the main road to pick out penny candies or a soft drink from the old drink cooler. I may even recall my older brother or sister going with a handwrittenote to buy cigarettes for Mom.

Jennifer Rose DavisRemember this so well. Isabelle was a great lady.

Kelly PrettyTracy Giles-Thompson you introduced me to Izzys and the chocolate chunks!

Diane L BrownLoved Izzies always a must stop going and coming from school at Church Street School . The best Grab bags!💞

Lori Anne BrownWas this originally Fraser’s candy store?

Joy BaetzLori Anne Brown no I don’t think so. Fraser was at the other end of town.

Lori Anne Brown no it was always Hoggins run by Isabel (aka Izzie) Frasers was across the bridge– Author’s Note– Read-Community Comments — Memories of 46 Queen Street

Sandra HoustonLori Anne Brown this is Isobel Hogan’s store down by the St. Mary’s church…..Izzy’s

John CurrieThis Was Once Jim Hogan;s Barber Shop..The Old Homestead.

Kim Davis🥰 right at the end of St Mary’s school driveway…oh I lived Izzys … jam packed at lunch time and you waited your turn or else 😀

Steven CurrieIzzy got most of my collection money for church lol

JoAnn ElliottMy favourite store growing up!! Mojos and butter tarts at lunch time!! Izzy was the best!!

Susan Elliott ToppingWe would sneak over at recess!! lol

Cathy PatersonLoved the grab bags the giant sweet tarts and assortment of penny candies

Cairine ToshackI got to walk on my own at 4….Izzie was at the door watching me as I walked across the road.

Donna Peterson DeeganAlways stopped in on our way to and from Church Street School….funny how I just noticed now, in that picture, how kind of messed up that front step was/is!

Jim HillMy favourite place for treats!!

Wild PoppyI remember & looked forward stopping at the Clayton genetal store after Sunday school to get either a bag of candy or Cracker Jack carmel popcorn as a treat. We’d open it from the bottom so we could get the prize first. Aunt Audrey had all the patience in the world…💘

Catherine O’Neill SalkiWild Poppy I had forgotten opening from bottom

Wild PoppyYup. All these stores had exactly what every kid was looking for.

Lisa Stanley SheehanOnly place to get the ice cream stick called buried treasure…loved it

Cathy MorganI would go every day to get my 25 Cents worth of mixed up candies. Oh how the Dentist loved me 😂😂😂

Catherine O’Neill SalkiWe all walked home from school everyday, in my case sometimes after a Sister St. Albert piano lesson, then all the way to The Glen. On this one day, I really had to pee, and I remember going into Hogan’s, but I couldn’t hold it!Mrs. Hogan was so kind, called home for me. I can’t remember if there was the usual crowd around the candy counter, or whether I was mortified in front of any of my peers… just that she took care of me.

Arlene SavardIzzy’s was the best, think I stopped there every day going to St. Mary’s occasionally sneaking something into the classrooms. Not sure if I had the nuns fooled, they were pretty observant🤗😁

Greg YuillYep and 25 cents got ya a paper bag of goodies

Suzy O’Neill-DubéI sure do and I actually remember the day in question. We lived together and did pretty much everything together. Those were the days of Olive Oil….

Andy WilliamsI would walk there (alone) when I was 3 years old, and cross the main road to pick out penny candies or a soft drink from the old drink cooler. I may even recall my older brother or sister going with a handwritten note to buy cigarettes for Mom.

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  1. Awesome store as a kid stopped there probably everyday on way to school to dump any change I had in my pocket.
    Isabelle was a awesome person always told you to take a couple more candy’s to fill your bag. Lol Awesome memories


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