Brand New Hand Fire Engine 1870s

Brand New Hand Fire Engine 1870s
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Mar 1875, Thu  •  Page 4
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
01 Apr 1875, Thu  •  Page 4
Raleigh's 1875 Rumsey Hand Engine - Legeros Fire Blog Archives 2006-2015

During this period, fire brigades were proportionately much larger than in later periods. Pulling heavy apparatus to the scene over bad roads, hills, through mud or snow, and over obstacles, was very strenuous work. At the scene, pumping engines were powered by muscle, so a team of fire fighters working a pumper would be replaced every few minutes. Pumping engines generally developed moderate pressure but with very little volume.

Ladder companies were kept very busy placing ladders for rescue or fire attack, as well as clearing away combustibles from the fire scene, even if it meant pulling down adjacent structures, with the aid of large hooks and ropes. (Hence the name “Hook and Ladder Company”)

Ocean Wave Fire Company has been keeping the Town of Carleton Place Safe since 1875.

About Ocean Wave

It was in 1875 when the Town’s present Fire Company replaced earlier, and temporary groups, as this community’s fire fighting organization.
An attempt to form a Carleton Place Fire Company is of record as early as 1853, when the community had a population of five hundred. It was about 1868-1869 when the Company purchased a hand-pumper that required 40 men to work it. In order to give this unit a fair trial, the Renfrew Fire Brigade was invited to town.
They were a large, fine looking and proud, body of men. The trial took place on Central Bridge and as the men forced the breaks to cry of “heave her down”, and as the great stream rose towards the sky and dam, the late James Murphy exclaimed with great rapture: “The Ocean Wave”.
On that day, so well remembered, the Ocean Wave Fire Company was christened.

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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FIRE! This metal bucket has a rounded bottom and therefore nothing can be stored in it. Thus, the bucket is always ready and empty for use in emergencies..

Ocean Wave Fire (@OceanWaveFire) | Twitter

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