Cranberry Pickle Pie and Utah Pickle Pie –(Last time I saw something like this, the test came back positive. It was a boy)

Cranberry Pickle Pie and Utah Pickle Pie –(Last time I saw something like this, the test came back positive. It was a boy)
Antoinette E. Photo sent to me

So how did all this start? It began innocently enough with an online friend’s posting after I posted the recipe for cranberry pie. Then she added pickles on it!!! Really? Really???

For the CRANBERRY PIE recipe click here The strangest part of this is that almost half is already eaten…..

For all you doubters my friend Antoinette made this pie and sent me the picture.

From Antoinette

My next desserts with pickles challenge thanks to Linda Seccaspina who knows I can’t resist. But I think I will try a combo of sweet and sour pickles finely chopped with crystallized ginger; that will make a lovely carmelized crust. The pickles in the photo don’t even look cooked. All y’all going ewww are gonna be sorry!

So not content, I searched far and wide for another pickle pie recipe and found this beauty. Would Antoinette try this one too? I loved it!! —after all… A ‘naughty pickle’ is how I’d best describe myself.


Utah Pickle Pie

So yesterday I posted a pickle pie recipe and said I needed to make it because well–pickle, pie, it was a direct challenge. Some of you laughed, some of you scoffed. But I shall have the last laugh because it is FABULOUS!! It’s like a sugar cream pie with the sweet pickles carmelizing the top.

For Utah Pickle Pie recipe CLICK here..

This morning I got an email from a producer at WHDH TV in Boston—“Hi LInda, I’m a producer at 7News in Boston. This recipe is taking over the internet! Can we please use the photo of your Cranberry Pickle Pie on air and online with courtesy to you? Thanks!”So let this go to show you– it does not matter how hard and long you work on history pieces, or columns or anything like that. When it comes down to it– you don’t need to pose naked…Pickle Pie will get them every time LOLOL

and it made FOX news…

and then it made Mashed and it get going on and on.. and again I did not have to get naked for it to go viral

Twitter Can’t Believe The 2 Ingredients In This Thanksgiving Pie

The now-viral cranberry pickle pie is exactly what it sounds like — a traditional cranberry pie topped with pickle slices. It’s garnered a lot of attention on Twitter, as people have responded to what many think is a horrendous, disgusting combination — and an abomination that doesn’t deserve a spot on the Thanksgiving dessert table. “Never heard of that before. Not sure that I want to again,” one person commented, while another wrote, “Hell no would I eat this, it sounds horrible.” Even celebrity chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Duff Goldman have Tweeted their disapproval of the pie. read more here….

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