Celebrating Christmas in July — Mary Cook Archives — LeMaistre

Celebrating Christmas in July  — Mary Cook Archives — LeMaistre

The only -thing missing was the snow. Christmas lights hung from the trees, The picnic tables were dressed with Christmas tablecloths, and the full-size Christmas tree in the cottage was decorated with candy canes and gifts.

The idea of celebrating Christmas in July came to the LeMaistre family when they were right in the midst of the festivities last December. Someone said it was a shame that when the family had so much fun at the regular celebration Christmas it couldn’t be repeated in the summer.

The family that is always ready for a party could see no reason why Christmas could not be celebrated twice a year, and no sooner were the decorations taken off the tree last winter, than the family began planning for the Christmas-in-July party.

The LeMaistres have what is commonly called in the Valley “a large connection,” and on Saturday night almost 50 people turned up at the Mississippi Lake cottage of Ted and Elizabeth LeMaistre. Instead of sleighrides and snowball fights, the guests swam and sat under the trees to get out of the hot sun.

But inside the cottage, turkey, shortbread and all the Christmas trappings usually prepared for Dec. 25 were brought out. And after the feast, gifts were handed out. Then came Christmas carols. Would they do it again? You bet they would, said Elizabeth. But they have to get Dec. 25 out of the way first.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
28 Jul 1981, Tue  •  Page 3

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