Minto Skating Club Comes to Carleton Place — 1947

Minto Skating Club Comes to Carleton Place — 1947
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silver ‘sequins, going through a smart number.

Skate Guard: Guy In The Sky: The Story Of Maribel Vinson Owen's Leading Man

Easy to look at, In the same part of the bill were Margot Mereweather and Nancy Minnes. Almost a tradition in Minto Club shows Is the act put on every year by the Lopdell ladies. This year Eva and Kay -Lopdell added another appealing act to their repretoire, and were warmly encored by an enthusiastic crowd.

The crowd had already learned that Cynthia Kirby was reputed one of the best skaters of her age in eastern Canada, and so it was no surprise to many when she flashed out in her red costume, and started to do her split-second Jumps, her exciting twirls, her effortless and intricate routines. A tall girl, she has a personality all her own, and is a real crowd pleaser. Although her solo lasted the usual time, it seemed all over in a second, and when she came in, she had to be sent out again to do an encore.

It was noted that the Minto girls themselves were enthusiastic about her routine, and were among those applauding the loudest. Undoubtedly the Minto maids saved the best till the last, with their Irish Court. Here the girls actually danced jigs on skates, and danced well too. The writer happened to single out Patricia Kennedy, and the way she was doing her Irish washerwoman dance was worthy of being reproduced in the movies. Other girls, not less good, held their arms akimbo. traditional style, and reeled and danced and kicked and whirled in a most agreeable way.

Then there were interesting routines. The girls spread out in a pattern, came together again, did a drill, then once more were bunched together. The act ended with an elaborate bow, skates turned in, combining appeal and comedy in agreeable proportions. It was obvious that the Carleton Place people liked their first taste of fancy skating.

The Minto Club really gave a great show, and the town applauded vigorously. Notable was the large percentage of young people and the con trast between the high percentage of grownups attending such a show in Ottawa and the high percentage of youth attending such a show in Carleton Place was most obvious. The young Carleton Place boys whistled in their best fourteen year old wolf-call style, at the gorgeously dressed girls, while the teenagers thrilled also at the fancy costumes, and wished that they could take up figure skating?.

No question about it, the Minto Club made a hit. As to the young men of the caste, they skated extremely well, and probably would be even more effective if they would take the time to work out more all-male routines, either for comedy purposes or along straight lines. The Minto entourage travelled by bus in both directions, and were in charge of Charles H. Cumming. Looking after the program and doubling as pianist was Mrs. D. Roy Kennedy, Mrs. Donat Paquin, assisted by Mrs. Gayle Catherwood. arranged the costumes, and the director was Irwin M. Morgan.

Skate Guard: Donald B. Cruikshank, Man Of Many Hats

1947 – 1948 – Barbara Ann Scott, Minto member, became Olympic, World, North American, and Canadian Champion.

1904 – Founded by Their Excellencies, the Earl and Countess of Minto. Lord Minto was then the Governor – General of Canada and gave permission for the Earl’s coronet to be part of the Club crest.

Membership was composed of 15 gentlemen and a few lady associates, most being members of the Rideau Skating Club, organized about 1885. Ladies were subsequently admitted to full membership.

Skating sessions were held once or twice a week on the outdoor rink at Government House. Members were required to pass a skating test. Skating facilities were obtained at the Rideau Rink on Laurier Avenue, and later at Dey’s Arena also on Laurier Avenue.


CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada03 Feb 1947, Mon  •  Page 13

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