The Snowstorm of March 1947 – Jim Houston

The Snowstorm of March 1947 – Jim Houston
Photo Jim Houston–1947– at the 4 corners/ Lake and Bridge– Houstons who live at 11 Lake Ave East walking down Lake Ave West. It says ” Taken from service station ” I found out it was 1947

Karen McGee this is what I remember winter like in town, walking to school down Lake Ave. They didn’t plow the streets as well as they do now.

Julie Kirkpatrick It was taken from the old Gulf Gas Station on the corner of Lake Ave and Bridge St. Looking towards the high school. I remember that winter.

Joann Voyce Before the Texaco there was Major Hooper’s beautiful home and large green lawn

Doug Thornton Around 55 or 56 when I lived at 92 Bridge Street, across from the Royal Bank, if memory serves me correct, the snow was so deep that no vehicles could drive on Bridge Street. The snow was much deeper than that picture.

anice Bowie the first house on the right is 11 Lake Avenue WEST – we lived and ran our business (Lux Photographic Services) from 2004 to 2012 there – Loved our time in CP as well as this home! it would be lovely to know more of its history – although we did a lot of work for the CP / Beckwith Heritage museum, we were not able to get much on it – though did have a copy of the deed and it was one of the Moores who had it built (1909-1911)

Dan Williams My dad used to tell me about walking 3 miles to school on snowbanks as high as telephone poles whenever I complained about having to walk to school in a snowstorm. Don’t know what year that would have been😉

Houstons who lived at 11 Lake Ave East– This is a picture of Lake Ave East going towards my home. You can see the home on the left that is at the corner of Argyle and Lake Ave East.. my house is next so you can see trees. 1947 snowstorm. Photo Jim Houston
1947 snowstorm
1947 photo Doug McCarten photo
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Mar 1947, Tue  •  Page 12
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Mar 1947, Tue  •  Page 4


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