Henry Clement Cured of Rheumatism

Henry Clement Cured of Rheumatism

Dr. Thomas Eclectric Oil was a pain relief remedy and general cure-all created by S. N. Thomas in the 1860’s which was sold until the early 20th century. The newer looking brown bottle in our photo was actually bought at a convenience store in the neighbourhood of our store in 2015 and has been added in to our personal collection of vintage oddities.

Sold in Canada by Northrop & Lyman of Toronto and in the United States by Foster-Milburn of Buffalo, N.Y., 

Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil was a widely used pain relief remedy which was sold in Canada and the United States as a patent medicine from the 1850s into the early twentieth century. Like many patent medicines, it was advertised as a unique cure-all, but mostly contained common ingredients such as turpentine and camphor oil.


he Daily Union-Leader
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
08 Feb 1881, Tue  •  Page 4

St. Joseph Gazette-Herald
St. Joseph, Missouri
19 Jun 1880, Sat  •  Page 4
The indications or uses for this product as provided by the manufacturer are:
Minor burns. insect bites, stings, chapped hands, muscular pains, minor rheumatic pains, neuralgia, backache, aching joints, bruises and sprains. Coughs due to colds, bronchitis, false croup and simple sore throat.

Dr. S.N. Thomas Eclectric Oil
This bottle is worthless!

Experienced collectors recognize this bottle as Canada’s most common antique patent medicine. It was mass produced. Read more here CLICK

Constipation Guaranteed to be Cured in Almonte

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The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
26 Sep 1917, Wed  •  Page 14
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
24 May 1977, Tue  •  Page 44

11616-1905 William CLEMENT, 26, carpenter, Almonte, same, s/o Henry CLEMENT & Catherine ROGER (Rogar?), married Elizabeth GRIFFIN, 28, Almonte, same, d/o Thomas GRIFFIN & Catherine MEANERY, witn: Francis CLEMENT & Victoria LETANG, both of Almonte, 23 Aug 1905 at St. Marys Church, Almonte

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Henry Clement Cured of Rheumatism

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