The Lanark County Back Roads Tour

The Lanark County Back Roads Tour

Some of you asked where Jennifer E. Ferris and I went a few weeks ago so she has graciously written it all down. Thanks Jennifer!

Left Carleton Place on hwy 7,took Ferguson Falls road, off onto Pine grove Rd. Turned right on Lanark concession 5,and left on Rosetta Rd. Followed it into Lanark village. Turned right on Paul Drive to George st. Went right then left on Robertson drive. Followed it around and branched left onto Lanark 2nd concession (2nd branch option) Stayed on that, past the ‘not municipally maintained road, use at your own risk’ sign, past the wee log house to the Easton’s back gate.

Turned around and came back out, took a right onto Storie Rd. Followed it to Sheridan Mills Rd. Stayed on it to Dalhousie 3rd line, and went right towards Watson’s corners. At the top of the gentle rise was Fiddlers Hill (spelled with one L on the old maps) Great view and wicked sensation as the road drops suddenly down the hill.

At Watson’s Corners, we kept on the 3rd line thru town heading north. But had to turn back as the road crew was working on a culvert. (yes we drove around the markers). Back to Watson’s corners, go left on Watson’s corners road, go left on Dalhousie 2nd line, go left on Sugarbush Rd. Turned right briefly at Hood (corner of Watson’s corners road and Sugarbush) to see the old abandoned St James United Church in the trees.

Back to sugar bush and headed west to the 4th line sign you took the pic of. Kept on the 4th line to the end. Saw the farm w the hops (old rose farm a few decades back). Came back out 4th line and Sugarbush to Dalhousie 3rd line again and went left (north) to South Lavant Road. Observed some stopping points along the way (ducks Unlimited pond, old log barn, some cool apple trees, the dump etc). Right on south lavant road to hwy 511.

Talked about the old cut road straight ahead and the corduroy road across the swamp at the bottom of that hill, the went left up 511(north)to Tatlock Rd. Stayed on that til Guthrie Rd, go right, all the way down to the tatlock quarry lookout and back out. Went right on tatlock Rd again thru Tatlock to darling Rd.

A quick left turn to go find the wee stump chair I finally found again on the weekend, then back south down Darling to Galbraith road, right on Galbraith to middleville. Straight thru over Wolf Grove Rd and then right onto Herron mills Rd. Along it to Rodger road, went left on Rodger to hwy 511. Left on 511 to Lanark for lunch.

Stopped at Fitz fries for a bite of lunch, the back o to McDonalds Corners Rd out of town to head that way. Passed Northern Gothic house just at the bridge (before) and up on the left. Stayed on this road to McDonalds Corners town. Stayed on the same road thru town to the little orchard just past the church. Turned around and back to hwy #8(Watson’s corners road again heading north). Followed that past sylvania Lodge at Dalhousie lake (pictures), noted Purdon conservation area as we passed Dalhousie 8th line. Kept on down Watson’s corners road to Watson’s corners town again. Went right on 3rd line (south), to Sheridan Mills road, slowed to see the abandoned house in the trees, photos of the barn with WH Olive on the post. Stayed on this road to Sheridan mills.

Went thru and turned around at top of hill. Came down to see the view of the Mississippi river from up there, slowly across the two steel bridges, and right onto Iron mine road. It was being gravelled so a bit dusty but nice and curvy too. Past Pinehurst cemetery (I think) back to McDonalds Corners road. Went right to Playfairville road and left on it. Noted the historic church right there and kept on thru Fallbrook.

Kept on to the stop sign at Bell’s corners, and left on Keays Rd to Balderson. Straight over 511,down prestonvale Rd thru Prestonvale to Ferguson Falls Rd again, and right on it back towards CP. Turned off onto Upper Perth road, took Lanark 10th line (a left) at Quinn Settlement. Stopped briefly at The Tennant Family cemetery, but way too buggy to get out. It’s tucked back in the woods and is well kept. Will visit one day. Followed the 10th line til it became Miller’s road, stayed on it to Upper Perth road again, went left. A short jaunt and stayed right to stay on our road to Wolf grove road, passing Robertson cemetery near Wolf grove. A bare right then left on Bowland Rd to enjoy the beautiful flower beds there, and on down to Clayton road. Then a right back to Union Hall. Straight thru to Tatlock Rd towards CP and back home. Was a busy but fun day! I think we did a few loop de loops. Lol

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