Mary McNish — Joseph Coombs Druggist Smiths Falls

Adin Wesley Daigle · 
This is a very old Joseph Coombs druggist bottle from smiths falls , the label is almost impossible to read….but it has been on there since 1870 ish.

Joseph Coombs was born in 1835, in Gloucester, On. He was a druggist by trade and was a druggist in Smith’s Falls, Ont. in 1871. He had son *Joseph (1857-1860) by his first wife (Anne), another Joseph (b1862) by Margaret, and 8 children by Mary, including Isabella M. (1866-1945), Edith (1868-1902), Mabel (1871-1872), Eliza ‘Lil’ (1873-1952), Mary R. (1875-1886), Allan B. (1876-1879), John M. (1879-1955), and Harry S. (1881-1948)

Adin Wesley Daigle · 


In the year of 1878 my wife was taken ill with scrofula. We consulted the best medical aid within reach, but to no avail. She continued getting worse, her hair all fell out, and her head presented the appearance of one continuous scab, which maturated constantly. The disease spread to other parts until her body was completely covered. After four years of intense suffering, she was given up by her medical attendants, and after trying a great many advertised medicines without benefit, I was at last induced by Mr. Coombs, druggist, herein Smiths Falls to try Burdock Blood Bitters, five bottles of which, with one box of Burdock Pills, cured her completely. We used the Bitters as directed, and also wet bandages with the same, and applied at intervals. This case is considered miraculous, and can be certified to by any leading citizen of our town. I have since recommended the Bitters in a great many cases, and have never known it to fail. I consider it a great boon to mankind, which can only be appreciated by those who have had occasion to use it.

TORRENCE McNISH, Oct. 2nd, 1886. Smith’s Falls, Ont. I can vouch for the above certificate in every particular, as I have been an eye witness to this case as stated.

Adin Wesley Daigle · 

Joseph Coombs, Druggist, Smith’s Falls, Ont. The above is an excellent likeness of Mrs.Mary Eliz McNish, copied from a photograph with which she kindly favored us. From being completely bald, it will be seen that after her recovery her hair grew very rapidly, as it has grown to the length shown, in two years’ time. The Oldest Almanac in the World. In the British Museum there is an almanac 3,000 years old, found in Egypt, and supposed to be the oldest in the world. It was found on the body of an Egyptian, who had, doubtless, regarded it with as much reverence as he did the Egyptian Bible. It clearly establishes the date of the reign of Ramses the Great, but contains nothing else of value, as in those days Burdock Blood Bitters was unknown.

Burdock Blood Bitters

Like many plants, Burdock has been used for its medicinal properties (as it turns out, all of the Burdock plant is also edible!); typical is this excerpt from an 1844 edition of the British book, Medicines: Their Uses and Mode of Administration:

Arctium Lappa, Semina, Radix, D. Common Burdock; The seeds and root of Arctium lappa.—This is an indigenous plant, growing commonly in waste places and by roadsides. It belongs to the natural family Compositae, and to the Linnaean class and order Syngenesia Aequalis…A decoction of the root is a popular diet drink in chronic cutaneous diseases and in rheumatism. It produces gentle diaphoresis, and also increases the flow of urine.

014709-1923 Frederick McNISH, 39, Farmer, Smith Falls, Lyn, s/o Torrence McNISH (b. Ontario) & Mary Eliz FORTIN; married Hazel CROMWELL, 25, Lyn, Lyn, d/o Seymour CROMWELL (b. Ontario) & Edith SMITH; witn Mrs. J. CROMWELL, Brockville & Mrs W.A. McLEAN, Lyn, 2 May 1923, Lyn

*Died, at Smith’s Falls on Thursday, 20th Sept. 1860  Joseph Coombs, son of Joseph Coombs, druggist, three years, five months and three days.

Child of my bosom’s care

Cut down like morning flowers

Pure as thyself as tender fair

And born in hapless hour

But thou has passed away

From sorrow’s night thy son has risen

In hopes thy light will be our day

Beyond the sky in Heaven

In hopes of this we part

Thy Jesus sought thy bloom

And raised thy spirit to his heart

We’ll meet beyond the tombs.

Weep not for him who has bone before

Prepare yourself his fate to meet

That you may reach the happy shore

When saints with him then will you meet.

006842-92 (Lanark Co) Frank HURNDAL–?(off page), 31, stenographer, England, Smiths Falls s/o William FLAVEL & Emily ATKINSON married Bell McGillivray COOMBS, 26, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o Joseph COOMBS & Mary J. McGILLIVRAY, wtn: John MEIKLE of Smiths Falls & K.C. TRACEY of Ottawa, 31 August 1892 at Smiths Falls

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