Bytes from the Brain — the Dish Towel and Blue Speckled Plate

Bytes from the Brain — the Dish Towel and Blue Speckled Plate

Mercer Island late grandparents home in Washington DC.

The Blueberry Debacle- Linda Seccaspina

My grandparents once lived on Mercer Island, Wa. just off the I-90 Seattle floating bridge. In September of 1963 my Mother died and in the summer of 1964 my Dad sent my sister and I to visit them. It was 1964 and it was a summer of rebellion for me. So much so I think my Grandfather was ready to ship me back to Canada the next time I did something wrong.

My grandmother insisted on chores and one afternoon wiping the lunch dishes I spilled some grape juice all over the dishtowel. I don’t have to tell you what that dishtowel looked like and I immediately panicked. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I tossed the now purple tea towel into the raspberry bushes in the backyard. I figured landing in the midst of 30 bushes with long thorns would keep the dish towel hidden forever. Like Niki Saindon’s story below– it was all about staying out of trouble.

For weeks my Grandmother Winnie looked for that towel deeming it a present from an old friend. I was questioned about it until she went on to something else I had done. A month later my grandfather was picking some raspberries and up came that dish towel that now was spanking clean thanks to the rainstorms that had passed us over. He didn’t say much, but he had this look on his face that said it all. He threw it on the lawn in my direction and I brought it in to Winnie saying it must have fallen off the clothes line. If I remember correctly she had the same look.

how to remove blueberry stains titlimg

Johnson Bros. England 6" Bowl/ Flow Blue "Holland" Pattern / Circa ...
The Broken Plate- Niki Saindon

When I was a kid, I accidently broke a plate (China blue speckled thing) and fearing my mother’s wrath I buried it in the driveway. Forward 10 years later when we were developing our business at home and landscaping needed to happen. Behold the plate unearthed and no one knew how it got there…but me ;). Funniest thing for me….for my family to find.

Image may contain: food
Beverley J Wylie

When repairing fences in paddock years back we found this. Keeping safe in the china cabinet in case we ever need a new set of teeth…lol

The Summer of 1964

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