The Duncans and Finlaysons — Don Duncan

The Duncans and Finlaysons — Don Duncan

Although there is no direct family relationship with the Duncan and Finlaysons they were the best of neighbours going back many generations. The Finlayson farm was Located on the 11th line of Ramsay  also known as the Appleton Road at East Lot 8, Con. 10 where the house and barns are located. They also owned 50 acres on West 1/2 Lot 8, Conc 11 on the other side of the 11th line. We owned the other 50 acres beside it.

The house in the 1948 photo below is of log and covered over with clapboard. It still is there but harder to recognize as a huge addition was added in the late 1970’s and a large horse arena was added at a later date. The large bank barn is still  there but an addition was added to it in the 1960’s.

Progression of owners since the Finlaysons have been Lloyd and Dorothy Reid. Then Howard Darwin from Ottawa bought it for his daughter who wanted to farm, that is when all the additional building took place. It has since been sold to a couple who operate it as a horse boarding and training farm. I don’t recall their name at the moment. I think it might be people by the name of Campbell. Although I haven’t completed the research yet I believe that Charles Finlayson and Mary Smith took over the farm when they married as it was a Smith farm before that.

James and Agnes assumed the farm from his father and they raised  a family of six including Rick’s father, Jim and Edgar who I remember well. I went with my father to visit Jim when he lived in a trailer south of Carleton Place on Hwy 15 near Parkman and Taylors if you remember where it was. Also remember visits over to the Finlayson gravel pit on Con 2 Ramsay to pick up a load of cement gravel. Dad would have a long visit with Edgar often over lunch which would be a can of pork and beans that Edgar would heat on top of the wood stove, open the can and spoon it onto your plates. I remember being impressed with this no fuss way of having lunch. Of course Edgar and Jim were both confirmed bachelors.

Bob, my dad, Edgar and Jim were the best of friends. Jim was older but dad and Edgar were close to the same age and went to school together. Edgar was my father’s best man at his wedding in 1941. Many farm operations were shared between the two farms.

I just recalled that I do have a family relationship with the Findlaysons. Alexander Sidney Duncan, a 1st cousin, married Minnie Finlayson as a second wife after the death of his first. Her parents were William Finlayson and Amelia Cunningham. They had one son, Albert Finlayson Duncan –Ab Duncan of Carleton Place who died in 2000. Ab was my second cousin once removed. Linda may well remember him. ( she does 🙂

I have a fair bit of the Finlaysons documented and appreciate this unexpected update. I will send the family file to you Rose, maybe you can find what’s missing or wrong info for me.

Don Duncan (Mostly retired except when able to operate big red or green combines)

I saw your article on WordPress about the Finlaysons and Don Duncan. Dave and Lorraine Campbell now own the farm. I live right across the road. I bought 50 acres from Don Duncan (to add to my 50) when he sold his farm about 27 years ago.These are a couple of pics that I found of Dave’s place across the road– Terry Cairns

Not sure you want to add this to your story or not but the Finlaysons might be interested. Howard Darwin built what is now the stable, seperate from the big barn, as an airplane hanger. He was taking flight lessons and was going to have his landing field right in front of my place. Apparently he was not able to pass his flying licence because based on local gossip (which has never been independently verified :-)) he almost took a couple of bricks off my chimney.


The Story of a Local Family -Finlayson- Richard Finlayson

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