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Hi Linda– I follow you on Facebook and have noticed that you have been focusing on William St. lately. The photo I attach was taken in 1941, it is the front of my grandparents Gordon and Winnifred (Daisy) (nee Campbell) Bennett’s store on William St– Kelly Crampton….

Thanks Kelly!!!


Thanks to all of you for the comments!!!


Beverley J Wylie My sister worked there

Kelley Crampton I’m pleased to see that others remember my grandparents’ store. I have never heard anyone, other than family, mention it.

Anne Crampton Kelley Crampton was that later Bogart’s store?

Lorraine Nephin Kelley Crampton I think so. Always stopped there when I was going to Victoria school

Wendy LeBlanc During the early 1960s the mother of my friend, Gayle Bogart owned the house and store. Not sure how long she ran it. On Friday evenings, Gayle’s parents always went out for dinner, so she and I always had a plan for what we were going to bake that evening using ingredients from the store. I credit my baking skills to those evenings! Mrs. Bogart (Lillian) always complained that our baking was eating into her profits!

Carol McDonald Mary Millar was a very patient clerk working for Mrs Bogart , when all the kids from the neighborhood stopped in there to buy the penny candy , pop, etc.

David McNeely I remember the Bennett’s giving out candy apples on Haloween.

Lynne Johnson what number on William?

Darla Fisher next door to 123 William

Llew Lloyd Penny candies, cold five cent cokes from the cooler, and maple cookies from a bushel basket, all paid for with the money collected from empty pop bottles.

Bonnie Mitchell I remember Bogarts store. We sometimes went home that way from school.

Lauren Hutt This is so neat! My family and I actually live here now!

Dale Costello I so loved the little neighborhood stores that were all over Carlton Place back in the 50.s and 60.s. You got personal service, good value, and helped a local family survive.

Tim Neil This is kind of long but it’s a good story. In the early 80’s I was on the far side of Toronto for a pageant my daughter was in. When I came out of the hotel in the morning I had a flat and no spare. I did have a can of instant spare so I blew up the tire and drove around for an hour until I found a small 2 bay garage. I asked the owner, who was kind of a grumpy bugger, if he would fix the tire. He said he was closing and to put a can of instant spray in it. I said I had and that I didn’t think another can would get me where I was going. He asked where that was and I told him , Carleton Place. He stopped what he was doing and said “I grew up in Carleton Place”. I asked where and he said “William Street”.

I asked if he remembered Bennetts store and when he said yes I said ” My mom is Mary, the youngest of the Bennett children”. He turned and yelled to his helper to get my car in and fix the tire. The helper complained that it was past closing time and he said ” Fix the tire” . When it was fixed I asked what I owed and he said ” you don’t owe me anything, Mr Bennett was very good to my family” I wrote his name down ( don’t remember it now ) and when I got home I asked my mom if she remembered him. She said he was much younger than her but she remembered he came from a large kind of poor family that lived across from the store.

My grandfather allowed people to put things on account and pay later and most nights when they would be sitting down to supper there would be knock at the door and one of the kids from this family would be there asking for some milk or bread or something. When they sold the store he was owed thousands of dollars, a lot of money in the sixties , and much to my grandmothers dismay, he burned all the accounts. He said they had made a good living and that through hard times, these people had paid all they could. If that’s not paying it forward then I don’t know what is.

Dawn Jones Tim Neil : that story is beautiful. Made me tear up. Your grand parents were charitable people..ahead of their time in paying it forward. Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie MitchelDoes anyone remember McDonalds store. I think it was on Morphy St.

Tim Neil I do, it was still there in 64 when I was in grade 1. Herman Hilderbrant owns it now




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113 William Street.

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