Saturated with UFO activity Lee Cole 1994

Saturated with UFO activity Lee Cole 1994

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The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
08 Jan 1994, Sat  •  Page 27

During 1994, many residents from the region west of Ottawa reported bright lights in the sky that they are sure are neither planes from nearby Carp Airport nor falling meteors. At least one U.S. investigator believes he knows what’s going on. The area is “saturated” with UFO activity, says Bob Oechsler, of Maryland. “There does appear to be some form of (alien) activity in that area, and there has been for some time.”

Lee Cole, an accountant who lives in Carp, was the most recent to report something inexplicable. On Dec. 1, 1994 Cole and her seven-year-old son, Jason, were driving home along McGee Side Road when they saw a large, bright light in the middle of the road. They followed the light for a while, Cole says, when it dipped behind the tree line and disappeared. “I thought, ‘If that was an airplane, it just landed on the 417.”

At that point, Cole had passed her house, so she pulled into a driveway to turn the car around. As she backed out, the same kind of light appeared in front of her. Cole started driving slowly up the road. The light stayed in front of her car. “It was so intense flood lights, like a stadium.” She began to flash her high beams to see if the light could be a helicopter or airplane, although there was no noise, she says. “At that point, it came down and at us. I started to get scared.” She turned into her driveway, and rolled down the window. The light had come around to her left side. “I was absolutely struck by the silence. There was no noise.”

Cole drove into her garage, closed the door, and called her husband. By the time he got outside, there was nothing to see. A few days later, Cole got in touch with Oechsler, a former NASA employee who for the past three years has been investigating UFO sightings full-time. Oechsler has visited West Carleton eight times to investigate alleged UFO sightings. In May, 1992, he first came to the area after he received an anonymous tape of an alleged UFO landing near Almonte in 1991. The tape was shown on an episode of the U.S. television show Unsolved Mysteries last February.

During the next few days, he says, he had about 50 to 75 “good quality” reports of sightings in the same area. In Canada, the National Research Council is the keeper of sighting reports, gathering them from police and military. NRC scientist Ron Burrows says the council gets “about 100” reports annually from across Canada. None of the reports is investigated.

The NRC gets about three calls a month directly from people who want to report a sighting, said Denise Cardinal, a computer programmer who takes the reports. Roland Armitage, mayor of West Carleton, says UFO sightings are nothing new. “I’ve been reading about them for as long as I can remember.”

Lee Cole witnessed intense bright lights one night last month. “I’ve lived in this area all my life,” says Armitage, 68. Frank Condelli and his daughter were driving into Carp the same night as Cole when they saw a light in the sky. “There have been enough sightings around here . . . that leads one to believe there’s something extraordinary going on,” Condelli says.

The Carp-Guardian case of Eastern Ontario, is the most controversial in Canadian UFO history. The story involves A UFO crash retrieval, aliens, Canadian and American investigators, the RCMP, TV show producers and a handful of witnesses

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