Pease Pudding in the Pot, Nine Days Old

Pease Pudding in the Pot, Nine Days Old


Pease pudding in the pot, nine days old. Some like it hot, some like it cold, … The dish probably started out as pease porridge, but after the pudding cloth was invented, it became a pudding, often eaten with salt pork. Puddings, in those days, were not the creamy thickened desserts which we call pudding today.


In 1947 there was was a strange advertisement by Dodds and Erwin of Perth, headed “Some Like It Hot.” People thought it might be about boogie woogie but instead it was. about “peas brose”  Ever hear of it? “What’s better than a nice cup of pease porridge right now?” asks the ad.

This goes on: “They say it was pea brose that made Scotland the second best nation on earth (the first being Ireland.) “Others say it was pea brose that drove the Scotsman away from home. So tastes differ.”

It was said that it could be found at Snow Road, and Flower Station. (Both were on the old Kingston and Pembroke branch of the CPR).



Pease pudding is an English dish consisting of boiled peas which are seasoned with salt and other spices, and then cooked together with bacon or ham for extra flavor. The final result is a thick porridge with mild, yet rich flavors. Originally, pease pudding was cooked in large cauldrons which were hanging over an open fire.

Traditionally pease pudding is served with pork and was often cooked in a muslin with the ham. Today, it is even available in cans throughout the United Kingdom.

Recipe here CLICK





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  1. Anyone know where one can buy peas brose . A farmer from north of Carleton Place , used to produce it , plus he supplied Foodsmiths in Perth . The late Gerry McCulloch used to sell it , at his feed store in Lanark many years ago . I love it with maple syrup .


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