The Smallpox Scare of 1926

The Smallpox Scare of 1926



In May of 1900 Smallpox broke out in Carleton Place and Almonte. Almonte advised against any travel to Carleton Place. But in 1926 smallpox broke out and there was nothing in the local papers, and the town of Almonte denied it in the city newspapers.

In 1918 the world faced a pandemic. Within months Spanish Flu had killed more people than any other illness in recorded history. It struck fast and was indiscriminate.



November 15, 1926


SMALLPOX IN ONTARIO Almonte, Ont., Nov. 16 1926 Dr. A. A. Metcalfe, mayor of Almonte, stated to-day that the smallpox situation in the town had steadily Improved. The epidemic was now on the wane. –

SMALLPOX IN ALMONTE  November 13, 1926 –-Churches and Schools Closed and Meetings; Cancelled Almonte, Out., November 12. As the result of an epidemic of smallpox in this town, which started during the summer mouths, and reached its maximum this week churches and schools here have been closed, while all public gatherings and social events in the town have been cancelled. According to Mayor (Dr.) A. A. Metcalfe, every precaution has been taken to prevent the spread of the disease, and everyone believes that the epidemic is now under control. So far no deaths have resulted, although at the present time there are about thirty cases of smallpox in Almonte. In the township of Ramsay, in which Almonte is situated, there are also three isolated cases.


December 20,1926— This smallpox rumour possibly gained strength from a smallpox scare which spread in the camp on December 14.  A man from Almonte, where a small pox epidemic had been prevalent for some time, obtained work at the Templeton plant (Hull ). He remained there until December 10, and then returned to Almonte, and it was learned that four day later he was taken down with smallpox.
Immediate step were taken at the camp to protect the men: the roommates of the man were placed under quarantine, and police still are maintaining; a strict Quarantine over them. They have shown no signs of the disease, and and there was no outbreak at the camp.
It seems a disgrace for an enlightened people to continue to be harassed with small epidemics and endemics of small pox each year when we could forever banish it from our midst if every one would be vaccinated.







The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
13 Nov 1926, Sat  •  Page 1

 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 Nov 1926, Tue  •  Page 15






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