Memories of Stedmans Almonte

Memories of Stedmans Almonte



Cathy Paterson Me too ! My neighbour Jean More worked there


Deborah Van Waard I remember shopping there with Mom – they used to call it the five and dime store!


Karen Byrne Giles Best store every wish it still was here


Catherine Lehew So do I..


Judy Morton Yup. More memories . . .!







Mary Sterling Jarick I remember Stedmans when it was beside the post office. Am I dreaming?


Rose Mary Sarsfield No…some of us are old enough to remember that too Mary!


Cathy Paterson Yes where Lowe’s Hardware was. Anyone remember what years it was located there?


Cathy Paterson Was still there summer of 1972


Susan Elliott Topping Loved that store!


Sandra Thompson Miss it! ☹️


Susan White Loved working there!


Kathy Dunbar I shopped there a few times I loved the old floors that creaked when you walked over them


Brenda Marshall Shopped there often!


Jennifer Rose Davis Great store.


Diane L Brown A lost treasure!


Linda Seccaspina I remember it being a very bright sunny store and always found something there. I too miss it.


Donna Peterson Deegan Spent my allowance there every Saturday morning 😊


Peggy Byrne Remember our little allowance that we had for our Christmas shopping. Dad always got a hankie with his initial on it and Mom got some of that god awful perfume – think it was called Ben Hur or something like that. I’m sure it never touched her skin but she never let on to us.


Sally Tuffin Loved shopping there. Brings back lots of memories. I remember when the store moved over to where Gordie Pike’s grocery store used to be when the name was changed to V& S. When it closed it was a big loss to the community.


Ollie Orr I have seen so many pictures of Almonte in the past


Marty Taylor Do you know what the “V & S” stood for Sally?


Sally Tuffin Marty Taylor I could be wrong but I believe it was the initials of the two brothers that ran the store. I believe their names were Steve and Vince. But I could be wrong.


Dawn Jones Stedmans V&S (or V&S for short) is a Canadian variety discount department store chain.


Dawn Jones As a department store chain, Stedmans V&S offers customers name-brand and off-brand merchandise at discount prices. The “V&S” in the company name stands for “Value and Savings.” Shoppers enjoy thousands of products at reduced price points. Convenient locations in both suburban areas and rural communities reach a wide pool of potential and return customers.


Dawn Jones My aunt Betty Toop worked there.


Ollie Orr I have seen so many pictures of Almonte in the past few weeks and it has brought back so many memories. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Loved them all.


Glenna Kells I remember working at Stedmans for short time… ladies from the country would come in with their daughters … girls I went to school with … . – they spoke Gaelic and I was amazed in that era (70’s) that was still their first language


Alan Clouthier Believe it or not there still is a Stedmans store in Thessalon Ontario. A small community about an hour east of The Soo on Highway 17. Came across it by accident but there it was.






Despite the sad reality that another downtown Almonte business will soon be closing its doors for the final time, Marc Lefebvre says he has no regrets.

Lefebvre, who along with his wife Sheila owns and operates Lefebvre’s V&S at 14 Mill St., recently announced that the store, which he has proudly been a part of for close to 20 years, will be going out of business in the near future.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that the business is just not thriving anymore,” Lefebvre said. “Business is pretty easy to figure out. You need to have more revenue than you do expenses. Over the last year, we have seen a decline in sales to the point where it doesn’t make any sense to keep the business open.”

While Lefebvre did admit that the arrival of corporate box stores here and in nearby Carleton Place has not helped his business, he said that today’s economy has made it very difficult for all businesses, especially independently operated ones like his, to succeed.

We have always had tremendous support from the com

“Understanding how all this happened is the difficult part, especially when you do all the things you need to do to make the businesses good,” he said. “We have the right products at the right price at the right time, give good service and have a great staff, but the business still continues to decline. That is just the way things are right now. Yes, you do have the encroachment of all the big box stores, but with today’s economy, every business has to face these same issues. A smaller business like mine is probably doing close to the same amount of businesses as these other guys, but I don’t have deep pockets. This is Marc Lefebvre, not HBC, Zellers or Wal-Mart. I’m not blaming these businesses because I think competition is great, but corporate stores have billions of dollars of resources to pull from when times get tough. It is hard to compete at their level.”

One thing Lefebvre said was not difficult for him to understand was the support he has received from his dedicated customers.

“We have always had tremendous support from the community,” he said. “If not for that, we probably would have closed a year ago. But, because of the loyalty of our customers, I said that we were going to compete and give it our best shot. We’ve been doing that for about a year, but we’re now at the point where it’s not getting any better. It’s actually getting worse.”

The store will launch a going out of business sale beginning this Friday, Oct. 17.  2008 October 14- Renfrew Murcury




The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Jun 1987, Tue  •  Page 33



This is a painting I did of George Duego that his daughter commissioned me for while I was doing my art live in Stedmans late 80’s

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  1. I still have a small harmonica, 1 inch, that I bought at the 5&10 in the 1940’s. It is stamped on it, “made in occupied Japan”.


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