The King Cafe Fire 1924

The King Cafe Fire 1924

 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
14 Jan 1924, Mon  •  Page 7



This building was once a hardware store, then it was the tailoring business belonging to Mr. Shaw. After that it was a Chinese restaurant for a short period of time. Mel Newman also operated a grocery store at 31 Bridge Street.  Mel’s friend, Sam Ventura,  was the projectionist from the Star Theatre and lived upstairs and later married Ruby Ashfield. Then there was the disastrous fire of 1924.


I had noticed some evidence of fire damage in the attic space of my apartment and wondered if that is why a couple of rooms had lowered ceilings – to cover something up! It’s cool that there was originally a restaurant/confectionery in here, too. I had heard rumours that it was a rooming house. In the plans of the street from the turn of the century, it shows a carriage house at the back of the property, and you can see some of the old foundation from that in our parking area.

By the way, the As Good As New building was obviously built some time after this one – there are window wells in my side of the basement that are now blocked by that building.

My storefront was empty for about a year before I moved in. Before that, it was a lovely, lovely gift shop called ‘Country Lanes’. I can’t remember the owner’s name, but she had dried flowers, baskets, vintage-style cards, and she was one of the first people I knew to sell vintage-style Christmas ornaments before they became all the rage again. It was a beautiful and memorable store in Carleton Place for the 1990’s.

There was a tea room in here before that. When I moved in, I discovered a rudimentary kitchen with two double sinks behind the pharmacy shelving and the men’s and women’s bathrooms were already here – a bonus for me! There was blue-flowered wallpaper behind the shelving and pale blue rolled linoleum in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Petra Graber The Good Food Co.




If you look at the picture of this building,  Miss Mayhew’s and  Schwerdtfeger ‘s stores became ‘As Good As New’.  The man that looks like he is holding on to the hitching post is standing in front of what is now The Good Food Co.


Know your King’s Cafe– There was a King Cafe, chinese food restaurant where The Good Food Co. is now and The King’s Cafe which was part of the Queen’s Hotel.


In front of the Queen’s Hotel with the King’s Cafe- Photo- Tom Edwards July 12 1920– King’s Cafe was at the Queen’s Hotel





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