Community Comments — Memories of 46 Queen Street

Community Comments — Memories of 46 Queen Street


Linda Nilson-Rogers Was Fraser’s snack bar when I moved here, 1964

Susan Elliott Topping Frazer’s! I remember going there after church with my Grandpa Clement (Frank-Cheeser) for a milk shake. Mom would sen us for mellow rolls. We would cut across the creek at Mrs. Mantel’s house, through the field beside Munor’s and cross the road. Mr. Frazer and his wife had the best penny candy!!

Margaret Jones Drennan to Susan Elliott Topping My favourite penny candy was the licorice black babies and the black balls. You wouldn’t dare call that candy by those names these days or you may get tarred and feathered.

Peggy Byrne Best hot dogs ever

Karen Hirst Fraser’s Snack Bar—had little musical players on wall, each booth. Hard candy choices, chocolate, licorice, ice cream in the roll, milkshakes—a yummy place to stop off for a sweet bite back in the day! Ken lived on Augusta Street further up Martin St.—a favorite stop for energy!!!

John Morrow I believe Ken lived just a couple of doors from my grandmother, Effie Robertson and her second husband Cliff. They lived at 202 Augusta and my Dad’s uncle and aunt, Joe and Emma Morrow, lived at 165 Augusta.

Karen Hirst John Morrow, Yes Ken recalls Joe Morrow and interviewed once for a school project.

Cheryl Millar-hanna I remember my Aunt coming from Pembroke for a visit and she would take us in and buying a whole box of Swedish berries for us to share ! Loved that place!

Kathy Dunbar Where was that at Susan.?

Susan Elliott Topping Just on the bend at the lights (left side)almost across from Blackburn’s garage.

Pat Newton I was coming out of Fraser’s when I heard the Fire siren it was the Collies mill fire.

Mom would send us over to get chocolate bars pieces…bulk ones

Always candy in the window. Little cloth bags of gold pieces (gum) thrills, pixie sticks…family size chocolate bars. Mellow roll ice cream. Mr. Fraser seemed 10 feet tall! 

Kathy Duncan Fraser’s was a great place! Lots of treats

Glenn Arthur Yes Fraser’s Their sign said “If you are not happy with the service tell us – If you are happy tell others “

Samantha Gernhart I used to live pretty much across the street. I remember at one point it was an ice cream store

Carla Patterson Samantha Gernhart yes scoops was the name

Ron Terpstra Great memories. The good ole days. 💝

Wendy West Turzanski Remember Fraser’s well……

Steve Conlon It was a small restaurant called Knipperkins.. served homemade soups and sandwiches

Julie Sheaves I’ve always wondered what was there! Thanks for posting Linda!

Margaret McNeely Remember it as Fraser’s….use to stop there after high school…..made the greatest hot fudge sundaes!

Alyssa Toshack A couple other small shops popped up. I remember a popcorn company. Small operation. But always a great spot for an after school treat!

Jaci Smithson Nipperkin

Jim Sonnenburg-Drummond I was trying to remember the name of it!!!

Chris Hume Yes! There was a very devoted group of Nipperkin-ians back in the day! ❤

Rosemarie Mote Fraser’s, very near our house on Queen Street. Would go there for candy!

Margaret Jones Drennan Gordon and Edna Fraser owned and operated this corner store for many years. In the front window they had all their penny candy, used to spend my allowance there. Also a great selection of comic books.

Had a restaurant area at the back of the shop. A lot of high school kids often went there for lunch or to get together after school, Hamburgs, chips, and cokes were the popular choice. They also had stools at a dairy bar where they sold ice cream – 7 cents for a mellow roll cone. Every so often, for a very special family treat, my Dad would take me there to buy a big bottle of Pure Spring Gingerale. They had a daughter, Mavis Fraser, who married Allen Dunfield. The Fraser’s were a lovely family. Good memories

Ernest Albert Margaret Jones Drennan : I forgot about Mavis , Thank for jogging my mind !!

Jane Stewart I remember the tragic accident that took her life. I was friends with their adopted daughter Wanda.

Margaret Jones Drennan Susan Elliott Topping Did they also have two other children, Ronald and Heather?

Karin Setter Margaret Jones Drennan They also had a son Chris. We were neighbours. A nice family

Margaret Jones Drennan Karin Setter Thanks Karin, yes, Chris, how could I forget him. I don’t remember of Wanda though. Yes, lovely family.

Dawn Jones Margaret Jones Drennan : I went to school with Heather. No idea where she is now.

John Morrow I have a copy of Edna Fraser’s Easy Penuche Icing recipe from a cookbook published by the Almonte United Church about 1955 or 56. If anybody is interested I can post it (it was in a recipe scrapbook my grandmother, Effie Robertson, kept).

John Morrow Easy Penuche Icing

Servings: 12

½ cup butter

1 cup brown sugar, packed

¼ cup milk

1 cup icing sugar

Melt butter. Add brown sugar. Boil over low heat 2 minutes stirring constantly.

Stir in milk. Bring to boil stirring constantly. Cool to lukewarm.

Gradually add icing sugar (beat after each addition) until thick enough to spread.

Description: “contributed to Almonte United Church cookbook, ca. 1955, by Edna Fraser.”

Mary Anne Harrison There was one of these dunking birds in the window at Fraser’s. I was mesmerized by it when I was a kid. Guess it didn’t take much 😄


Scott McBurney I have a Happy Bird going all the time in my classroon in Kansas. If the water gets too low the kids fill it up, dunk his head, and start him up again!

Scott McBurney Mine has a yellow hat and his feathers are worn off.

Susan Elliott Topping Scott McBurney My Aunt Vi had one of these! Wonder where it is now?

Sylvia Coones A candy store and ice cream counter ran by Edna and Gordon Fraser. Great milkshakes, sundaes and ice cream cones. Sold penny candy, comic books and bridge mixtures etc. A great place

Randy Rivington McDonald’s had a store there.

Diane L Brown Loved the penny candy,always a spot to drop into,great memories of Fraser’s ❤🍬🍭🍦🍨

Sandy France The Frasers would let high school kids bring their lunch in and eat it, as long as you bought a 7 cent Coke. Also, Frasers was the cut off for smoking on Martin Street..past Frasers you couldn’t smoke on Martin Street. Don’t remember if kids smoked in Frasers or not. This was the ‘50’s.

Marla Cockerell The Information Sideroad!

Bobby Gallant Went there it’s as a kid Fraser’s the made good chocolate malts

Glenna Kells Wow that’s not still there is it??

Peter Low In all my life in Almonte, I’ve never been to Frasers. As of the above photo, one would imagine it could be a start up for an up and coming entrapreneur.

Ernest Albert Peter Low : Hi Peter , Ernie Little saying hello !! Brenda and Judy’s brother !! My mom use to keep a eye on you guys !! I use too beg for money so I could go to Fraser’s !! Lot of things mention on this site today , wow , I’m talking back 65 – 70 years ago Peter !!

Susan Elliott Topping Ernest Albert Wow! I went to school with Judy and never knew she had a brother. Your Dad used to cut all my brother’s and my Dad;’s hair. Your Mom and Dad were such nice people.

Sharon Savard Frasers was a great restaurant we used to go there in high school at lunch time bring oour own lunch & buy a soft drink there Edna didn’t like it but Gordon did’t mind I also remember all the candy in the window took us forever to make up our mind which ones we wanted Loved Frasers

Marion MacDonald Got my candy there in the 50’s.

Robert Desarmia It had penny grab bags, maybe the last soda fountain in the town. Mr. Fraser was freindly Mrs. Fraser not as often. penny candy in the front right window in the picture. I remember it had tons on magazines. More risque ones (not really porn as we know it today), buried at the back.

Scott McBurney I remember stopping in occasionally for a Pure Spring ginger ale or salt and vinegar chips on the way home from school.


Jayne Munro-Ouimet Bob McDonald once owned this store and lived in the house attached. I my memory is correct. Liz Robinson, am I correct?

Anne Hourigan Sharon remember we always went after Church

Paul Latour I remember having breakfast there a couple times about 20 years ago. Nice little coffee shop. Too bad its not being used as such today. Was that Nipperkins?

Dawn Jones Paul Latour : yes Nipperkins

Susan Renwick-Clark Fond memories of going to Fraser’s with my Dad to get ice cream! He passed away this year so frankly this was a great memory to see this week!

Judy Cressman I knew it as “Frasers’ restaurant “ when I went to high school in the 60s. We had many chips and gravy or hamburgers there.

Pat Lipton i spotted it a few years ago…looks like it was a storefront. Rough shape right now

Donna Timmins Fraser’s Store.. Gordon was a gem! Loved the ice cream mellow rolls. , candy and my first & only pack of cigarettes that we sneaked out to try. Oh My True Confessions!

Kathy Dunbar Yes now I know thanks.

Heather Leary Can remember as a kid from CP I participated in the walk to raise money to build the arena in Cp. the walk took us past this store and I stopped in and bought red licorice

Cristina Mullin Best candy shop !💖ever

Cathy Paterson Fraser’s Store and restaurant ! Great place

Shaun J. McLaughlin Wasn’t it also a pottery studio more recently?

Alyssa Toshack Marilyn Snedden wants to share:

When I was a teenager in the 50’s ,all the kids in town used to stop there at McDonald’s to get a Mellow Roll ice cream cone. The ice cream was in a cardboard roll like a toilet paper one which was removed before giving it to the customer.My cousins in Perth, whose father Russell Robertson owned the Perth Dairy, said they hated those cones because every summer they were sick of unrolling them for kids.

McDonalds had other goodies too and must have been a corner store selling items other than sweets to kids.

Sylvia Coones I think there was a computer repair store there for awhile

Donald Price He had a great assortment of penny candy and grab bags. He was a very nice man.

Norma Morrow There wasn’t much to do in Almonte for a night out but every now and then our parents would go to the O’Brien Theatre and on the way home they would stop at Frazier’s and buy “Little Golden Books “ for us



CLUB ACTIVITIES-Almonte Amateur Radio Club

The popular Wednesday night nets continued during the year at 9:00 p.m. on 147.27 MHz with net control Les VA3BZQ.  The doughnut or coffee meetings were now held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, at 9:30 a.m.  Nipperkins coffee shop in Almonte was the new gathering place, with some meeting held at the Country Style doughnut shop on Highway 7 in Carleton Place.  Volunteers continued to help with the annual Goblin Partol on Halloween night to help local Almonte authorities keep the streets safe.

 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Jun 1999, Fri  •  Page 66

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