Things You Didn’t Know About Carleton Place — Thanks Wally Burns

Things You Didn’t Know About Carleton Place — Thanks Wally Burns


We are looking for any history on this wee dwelling that at the corner of Hwy 7 and Townline Road. Right where High Street begins. Can we help?

Lynne Johnson The Burns family farm was/is there.

Margaret McNeely Hubby says it was the Burns family…..thought they made cement blocks

Wally Burns That wee dwelling as you call it was part of the Burns farm. The original house which I believe is still on the property, is a very old log home which was skidded down from our upper farm in Clayton. Over the years after my mom and dad ( Irene and Alan Burns ) family began to grow, changes and additions were put on the home. The Burns family ( Alan Burns ) and his three sisters and one brother, were brought up in the main farm house which is a wooden frame house about 100 yards away is approx 150 yrs old.

Not only did they have animals for farming, they also had a sawmill, a block house where they made cement blocks, a large maple sugar bush across Hyw 7 by the lake where hundreds of gallons of maple syrup were sold each year, lake front lots known as Birch Point were part of the family.

They also raised foxes and sold silver fox scarves. That little building is where people would come to see the scarves on display and purchase them. This was back in the late 1940-early 1950’s.

By late 1950’s the foxes were no longer being raised and that wee dwelling became a playhouse for myself and my sister Susan Jacob (nee Burns)
I will find some photos and send them to Linda

Thank you for inquiring


Wally Burns Here is an aerial photo of the farm buildings. You can just see the rooftop of the playhouse in the bottom left corner.

Marlene Springer Wally Burns Just love the story about your place. I’m 1947 my dad bought on Moffat so close but never knew anything about this! Only that Susan and I started school the same year at Victoria.

Carol McDonalA Name of Dr Pink comes to mind when looking at this picture, I know the location but forget the whole story of raising foxes back many years ago when our dad was a young man in Carleton Place ( early 30s maybe).


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