The Passing of the Backhouse — Bill Clark

The Passing of the Backhouse — Bill Clark


This clipping came from the scrapbook of Joan Stoddart clipped from the Almonte Gazette. It was just too small to put on Facebook so I blew it up and posted it here.



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Chamber pots were still used at the time of the Halifax Explosion? An average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year? Most toilets are designed incorrectly? You spend approximately 3 years of your life on the toilet?



An outhouse is designed like a

shed, but instead of holding tools it holds a

toilet. The toilet seat inside of an outhouse was

once just a raised hole above the ground, but

then it became more. Some were built to

accommodate both adults and children so the

seat was built with varying hole sizes.

Once outhouses were built, it was discovered

that an outhouse did not need to fit only one

person, but instead could hold many. Soon

trenches were dug and outhouses built on top

to accommodate multiple users.


Then came the two-story outhouse. The bottom

toilet was installed like any ordinary outhouse,

but the upstairs one was pushed back so the

waste would fall down behind the bottom toilet

instead of landing above the lower room. It had

a separate entrance.


Since outhouses had such a pungent smell,

many were built with lids to help moderate the

smell and to try to keep the flies at bay.

Unfortunately, not all outhouses had a lid and

so many people would bring lime powder with

them when they went to the washroom to

sprinkle down the hole. This helped with the

flies and also offered a more pleasant smell.




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