The Unedited Comments about the Future Communication Tower

The Unedited Comments about the Future Communication Tower



Jeff Atkinson said: This company has been making its way around Ontario for the past few years, strategically placing communications towers like this in communities so it can then offer the space to wireless companies. There is no demonstrable need for this tower to be placed in this location, other than to give this company a local market advantage whenever someone comes looking to install a transmitter.

  • We need transmitter locations to ensure fast and reliable data services in town. We don’t need this tower at the moment, and certainly don’t need it at its proposed location. Future development on the Wool Growers site (a strategic development site for the town) could be impacted, or the town could be force to pay to remove/move the tower whenever a crane needs to go up on that site.
  • The company needs to find a different location, but they won’t do that unless this proposal is rejected by the feds (who have approval authority). That means making submissions about why this is a bad location to the federal government. Lots of them.
  • A word of advice: focus comments to the feds about why the location is all wrong for the town rather than fighting the tower itself (the size, the look, the need, etc.). That’s the weak spot.


  • Margaret L. Gourlay Jeff Atkinson – well said. I appreciate your analysis, reasoned approach and non-hyperbolic tone.

Bonnie Adams What about the monstrosity built on King Street? Does not suit the neighborhood and eliminated the privacy in my backyard. My property value has now plummeted as well. Not a happy camper!

Kat McNamara Is this for 5G? I’ve been listening to podcasts about the dangers of 5G. Regardless it is a blight on the landscape.

Shelley Turgeon I agree with the comments we definitely need this tower in Carleton Place in this day in age.

Ted Hurdis I don’t disagree with the tower just that location. Put it a little further out the trail between Hwy # 7 and Coleman St.

Vinnie Krieger The Tower is great, but why would they allow it to be built near a public space meant for the enjoyment of the public at large. Is there no place else in all of CP that they can put this?

Kyle McCulloch Vinnie Krieger Carleton Place is 10 square kilometres. We can probably assume they were looking to cover as much as they could. Probanly other options, old foundry site? Old factory by canoe club? Space and centrality issue.

Todd Boyce maybe mount the transmitters on top of the water tower? Or co-locate the transmission tower on the same site beside the water tower if it needs to stand on its own. It is not far from the proposed location.

Eric Vee At least it’s not a windmill, and it’s not right in the middle of a residential area. Would improve data and cellular services for sure and bring in other players in the area.

Tania Munro As the owner of Total Rhythm Dance Studio and Active Me Yoga and Fitness Studio I can only tell you that when we were approached with this opportunity, we were not keen of the idea of having one of those Eiffel Tower looking structures next to our building. Working with this company, we have instead proposed a monopole which we feel has the same look as a lightpole in a parking lot (albeit higher).

More importantly though, as a small business owner in this town, this will give my businesses an extra revenue source that will allow us to remain a viable fixture in this town.

The reality is, you cannot have cell towers only on the outskirts of town, as the core will be under served. Your choices as a town are to have this closer to residences, or, on a location such as ours that is surrounded by commercial properties and open space.

If anyone has any questions of concerns, please feel free to come in and talk to me about it. We would love to hear from you.

Lori McLaren If it was going to give me internet access at a reasonable price, and reliable, Sure- as long as it can be painted by our awesome, local artists.


Rae Dulmage Linda, my only concern is we need more power for our telecom services. Currently in our part of town (Moffatt Street) the power level is usually 1 bar. So a tower has to be somewhere.

Jayme Cameron With a reliance on cell phone and data services it makes sense to put the tower in as central as a location as possible

Julie Charron I have to agree with Rae and Jayme. When the Explornet tower went down a couple of years ago, my service (I’m rural) plumetted. We need these towers in today’s world. It has to be somewhere, and with the growing population expected in CP, this is a logical location.

Jeremy Coe I’m all for this tower. I will be contacting the municipal affairs manager at the address listed above and tell him CP is all for advancement! Thanks for the contact info!

Laurie Neale OConnell I know of the owners of the studio and know they would not want to do anything detrimental to the town. I went in and have spoken to them and do understand why their location works. It will allow for 5G services to reach all corners of the town providing better reception all over. I have also been in shops in the core, and know how bad the internet reception is. The design of the tower does not look bad, but I agree with the comment-to have it painted to better blend in and be artsy-could be fun. If not here, then where in town do you propose? This location does seem ideal to allow the best reception overall-possibly better reception for the OPP as well. Why not give a member of the small business community an opportunity to make some additional revenue and give the town something they will need in the future as it grows?


Sylvia Giles I’m sure there could be another place for this instead of a widely used public and park area!!

Michael Doyle NIMBY! But I want cell service. LOL

Lisa Occomore It’s just a tower, doesn’t look much different then a hydro pole etc so what’s the big deal if it’s a needed item?


Craig Wilson Embrace it and get them to hang a flag off it…

Dale Costello With the present and future growth of the town, no matter where it is located, it will probably be in a residential area ultimately.


Buddyzee Fisher Could it not be located 600ft away by the Terrace in the bush area?? Would that not make more sense then right in the middle of the new park area??

Kyle McCulloch Buddyzee Fisher its actually slated for the parking lot of the dance studio. I made the same mistake at first glance.

Jenn Nolan As devil’s advocate…. how much income will the town receive from the tower?

Sandra Hurdis Finigan I believe none. It is a private tower on private land.


Jeremy Coe Hey Linda, I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job deleting all the pro cell tower comments.

Linda Seccaspina Jeremy Coe this is not my site. I can not delete anything NOR would I.. I am pro freedom of expression. Everyone has an opinion that’s how the world works

Jeremy Coe Linda Seccaspina then where did all the pro cell tower posts go? Did they magically disappear?

Kate Villeneuve So it’s private land? Why not let them do what they want? Why don’t we work harder on getting rid of the litter in our parks?

Matt Thrasher Kate Villeneuve starting an initiative to clean up parks would be pretty easy for most people in the public.

Linda Seccaspina- Not my page can’t do that nor would I. Freedom of expression

Ashley Mckenzie Why not have a tower. Its really not that big, pretty much a white pole


Kristin Fitzpatrick I think after a day or two – it will blend into the background really – like all the others in Ottawa have.

I didn’t like them at first – but they’re really not invasive at all to the scenery.

If tucked back like this, it won’t make much difference.

I agree about the garbage in the parks though…… I felt very taken aback by all the litter as we walked most of town the last couple of days.

Does CP have any initiatives similar to “clean up the capital” in Ottawa?? I’d love to find out more if so.


Matt Thrasher Kristin Fitzpatrick if there isnt such an initiative, you could easily start one. Go out with some garbage bags and start cleaning up. I suspect the town would go collect the full garbage bags if the public started such an initiative.


Jason Warnock The tower will give better cell and Internet service

Doug Danis They can put it on my property for a small price..actually please put it on my property

Kate Villeneuve Doug Danis never have to walk around for better service.

Lauren Kerkhoff I really dont see an issue here with this, it’s a pole so that we can provide internet and cell service to the areas. Perhaps that will help with the internet/cell service over on lake park?

Doug Danis Lauren Kerkhoff I’m on Lakepark and we definitely need the tower.. But they did run fibe and Lakepark should be hooked up in a month

Melissa Danis-Dunfield Dougie ya so they say.

Eric Meilleur Why not put it out by Walmart and independence. There is no coverage in that area whatsoever. The min I’m out shopping my phone goes on roaming.

Gary Dike Belcourt Who’s your provider? Telus/bell reception is fine in that area.

Gary Dike Belcourt Yeah Rogers reception does suck around here.

Chris Nash If it allows Freedom mobile or to expand their subscription zone into CP then go for it…

R.S. Dunlop Personally, I really don’t have a concern over this. Cell service and towers are everywhere

Trish Taylor I care about it, microwaves and cell signals are bad for pregnant women and children…the tower amplifies it.

Kerri G Bradley It restores some faith in humanity that everyone didn’t jump on the bandwagon about this non-issue. There is hope! lol

Gary Dike Belcourt Pretty good spot for it to be honest.

Debbie Vanveit The water tower is enough to look at Mr Brunton!

Barbara Purdy I see a lot of comments about the look of it lol, I would be much more concerned about the health affects of anyone (particularly children, who might be using the park)…/emf…/cell-towers/

Jeremy Stinson Put it in the new storm sewer at Bodnar property… win win.

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