The Mysterious 5th Line ?????



If you travel past Mount Blow farm where I often go to to remember Norman Paul


and then hop skip and jump past Rock-N- Horse Farm you will come across round the bend and this wee road that has about a 90 degree angle.



It has been told to me that it is the 5th line and goes to the Quarry. Can anyone add any information to this so we can document it? I know the Galbraith School was on it.. but that is about it..

Jennifer E. Ferris Photos of SS#10 — the Remains of Galbraith Public School



Rachel McRae It does connect to quarry road, and the Hilliards now live on the 5th line where it connects to quarry. Jim Henry where was Galbraith school?

Lila Leach-James Rachel McRae yes Rachel…Merv Hilliard lives on the 5th Line ….after his laneway, it’s closed but you can walk thru there and it brings you out to Rae side road. At one time, you could cross Rae side road and walk between Fred Toop’s and the Leach property and come out to the Old Perth Road….There was two fences in there identifying 5th Line that nobody really knew about as it was still identified as Road allowance!

Lila Leach-James Rachel McRae the part of the 5th Line that was closed had no houses on it. Past Merv Hilliards on the right was a very small farm in the 1930’s farmed by Frank and Lila McNeely (nee Leach) (my namesake)…they married and lived there for only a year or so and she had heart valve defect and returned to the Leach homestead to die (they didn’t know how to repair a heart valve) and Frank returned to his family farm (The Arklan Farm) in Carleton Place!

Jim Henry In Galbraith. I would say. That’s above Clayton. Up near Thompson town.

Jennifer E Ferris There are two Galbraith’s on the old maps. One very near Hazelwoods farm(now Arlee Sheets), and the other North of Middleville /Clayton area.

Lila Leach-James S S#5 was built on a piece of property given by the Leach family …The Leach property surrounded the school. I believe my Dad owned 200 acres at one time from the 6th Line to the 5th Line, plus bush in the Wolf Grove on the Old Perth Road. He took polio in 1952 at which time he sold Sutherland’s to Fred Toop where Ruth Boyce now lives…. I believe it was called Galbraith as they owned farm prior to the Leach in 1800’s…. When the school was closed in the 1960’s, Alex Hazelwood purchased land and school and moved school to their convention grounds! Mount Blow Farm was between the 7th and 6th Line of Ramsay! Galbraith Road is on the Clayton side of Taylor/Clayton Lake and use to join up with Floating Bridge! The two have no connection!


George Hilliard, Warden of Lanark County and Reeve of Ramsay Township, died in Ottawa Civic Hospital, Thursday, January 9, 1975, after a short illness of four weeks. Born in Ramsay Township, Feb. 3, 1903, Mr. Hilliard was the son of the late Robert Hilliard and his wife, Catherine Proctor. He received his education at SS No.5 (Galbraith’s School), 5th line of Ramsay. He left school in 1916 on “farm leave” and farmed ever since that time, with his father and brother, Borden, and later with Borden. Mr. Hilliard served as a director and president of the former Goodwood Rural Telephone Co. He was a member of St. James Anglican Church. For nine years Mr. Hilliard was a councillor in Ramsay Township and for nine years was reeve of the township. He became Warden of Lanark County in January, 1974 and was Warden at the time of his death. He was a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party. Mr. Hilliard strongly supported the Carlan Lodge board of directors in their work to have the building of the lodge approved. He was in charge of Ramsay township campaign in the public subscription canvass to be held soon. Among floral tributes and donations to charities, a substantial amount has been donated in his memory to the construction of Carlan Lodge. Mr. Hilliard is survived by his sister, Eliza of Perth and two brothers, Borden of Ramsay and T. Richard, present deputy minister of agriculture in the Ontario legislature. He leaves two nephews, Murray and Mervyn on the home farm with a grand nephew, Robbie, and a nephew and niece. Timothy and Marcia of Toronto. The funeral was held from the Barker Funeral Home to St. James Anglican Church, Monday January 13 for service at – 2.15 p.m. Rev. F. A. McGregor officiated, assisted by Archdeacon John A. Salter of Almonte. Entombment followed at the Auld Kirk for burial at St. George’s Cemetery, Clayton in the spring. The funeral was one of the largest ever in this area. Honorary pallbearers included: Paul Dick, M.P., and Douglas Wiseman, M.L.A., as well as former wardens of the county; Gordon James, Ossie Rothwell, Reginald Warren, Stanley Brunton and John Creighton. Also acting as honorary pallbearers were the following reeves of Lanark County; Ray Poole, John Cochran, Charlie Miller, Stewart Munro, Bill Moore, Harry Haveron, Allan Code and county engineer, Bob Strachan. The following members of Ramsay township council were also honorary pallbearers; Bob Cochran, Douglas Stewart, Ralph Monette, and Ronald Robertson, as well as Robert Brydges, township clerk and former township clerk, George Thompson. The active pallbearers were; Murray and Mervyn Hilliard, nephews, Howard Hilliard of Renfrew, a cousin, and three neighbours, Alex Hazelwood, James Paul and Kelvin Rintoul. A TRIBUTE – The following is a tribute paid to the late Mr. Hilliard by a friend: “Although George has been taken from our midst may we all rejoice that we have the opportunity of being better citizens in our community because of our association with him. “For those of us who had the opportunity of working with George in municipal affairs, he leaves us with fond memories of the past and inspiration to continue with the zeal and unselfish dedication which he clearly displayed in his many years of service to Ramsay Township, Lanark County and his fellow men. “George will be sadly missed by family and friends alike because not only was he a good and kind man but a strong and dedicated public servant. “We will always remember George for his kind manner but more particularly for his ability to add a sharp and witty remark at precisely the right time to enlighten an otherwise troubled or dreary moment.



Jennifer E. Ferris Photos of SS#10 — the Remains of Galbraith Public School

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