Dating A Farmer — It’s Not All Hearts And Cow Tails



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As a writer I get emails all the time from folks just wanting to get answers to their questions. I really enjoy answering them because as my Grandmother said: “If you don’t ask, you’ll never learn anything”. I grew up in Cowansville, Quebec which is is a rural area, and now I live in Lanark County, Ontario which reminds me of home. I try to feature a lot of history about local farmers in my writings because it’s important that we all remember that if it wasn’t for them we would be at the top of the food chain without a fork.

Last week one questioning email asked me if I knew how to attract a farmer as she was in love with one. Well, that’s not your regular genealogy request, but I aim to please. With what I hear there may only be a window of about 4 days in any given year which is good for “Date Night”. You’ve also got to prioritize the July to September period because you have to steer clear of harvesting. Spring is also not a good month because there is spraying to be done. Then there is birthing time with the calves and the lambs and the God knows what else.

I also told her to be patient with texting as it’s just very hard to get a signal sometimes out in the field, and difficult to hold a phone with tractor driving, milking and anything else that happens on the farm.  Never expect him to be on time as it just isn’t happening. Something is always breaking down, and let’s face it honey, they ain’t leaving the farm.  Never comment on what he looks like or smells like, but be grateful they aren’t out there winning any beauty contests with the ladies either. Smell is a big thing, and men who smell good are automatically more attractive, but there is just something about those raw animal hormonal smells that can really attract you to a farm boy.


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If you are a person that likes solitude, then this is the perfect guy for you. Farming is a 24 hour job and you will have plenty of alone time. Make sure you enjoy meat and potatoes and are a hearty eater as the veggie burgers, tofu and hummus won’t make the cut with him. Seriously that Lentil Bake recipe is not going to impress him. Under any circumstances do not eat the Mexican Strawberries or the Arizona  Romaine. It’s #supportlocal baby and don’t you forget it.

The last piece of advice you will get from me is to be extremely careful who you date.  If it doesn’t go well you will never date another farmer from the County. Gossip travels fast in rural areas and falling out with one and dating someone else ‘down the line’ could result in one horrific feud between families that could last for generations. So good luck to you and enjoy the bonfires, the ‘muddin’, and the sunsets from the truck bed! Above all– live life like someone left the barn gate open!





William Millar, Farmer No. 14, 2nd Concession of Dalhousie 1820

Butter in pails, 17 to 18c-The Almonte Farmer’s Market 1898

Eggs 10 Cents a dozen–Farmers Markets of Smiths Falls and Almonte 1880

Lanark Farm Life is Not so Bad- 1951

Once Upon a Time on the Farm

Farming Could be a Dangerous Business in Lanark County? Who Do You Know?

She Doesn’t Think My Tractor is Sexy–The Farmer’s Wife 1889

and 1889



From the Buchanan Scrapbook

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