Let’s Celebrate Carleton Place 200th Style — You’ve Just Got to Come to This!




Every day we will be posting new memories for the 200th here so please check them out. —Don’t for get to check Our Carleton Place 200 page 





Today tell just ONE person about our Carleton Place 200th Celebrations coming up- just ONE and let me know who you told in the comments OR TAG someone on this post.Why? Because I am counting on you to help us celebrate our 200th in style and we need you to spread the word.

Upcoming events–Carleton Place Spring Home Show April 5th to 7th at the arena 

Junk and Disorderly Fundraising Sale March 30th
Hosted by Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


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Carleton Place 200 Fact-  The Logo Winner
Carleton Place 200 had a logo contest last summer and Rachel Hisko’s design was the winning entry.

Rachel graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in Graphic Design. She worked as a design/photography student at the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce in the summer of 2017. Since this, Rachel has continued her design work with the chamber.

Rachel now works for a company called IMI People as a Junior User Interface/User Experience Designer. She has a passion for basketball, photography and anything design

Today tell just ONE person about our Carleton Place 200th Celebrations coming up- just ONE or TAG someone. Why? Because I am counting on you to help us celebrate our 200th in style and we need you to spread the word- 



Memories of Carleton Place 200- Stace Bottema

Thank you to everyone that left comments and keep them coming. What is your fondest memory of Carleton Place? Today we begin, and I will document them like I did with the “Scarves of Carleton Place” so we will have them forever.

“When I first moved here about 12.5 years ago we were driving down highway 7 with the last load of our belongings from Ottawa and as we approached Carleton Place there was a sign on the highway that said “Welcome Home” (I believe it was put up by then Mayor Paul Dulmage). I just started crying because it meant so much to me to be moving somewhere with my hubby and 2 kids that I knew I would be truly happy. Driving home to CP from work everyday and seeing that sign as I came home was very special.

Tell me why you love coming home to Carleton Place.




Arlee Sheets ‘the “voice” of Lanark County?’ and Rock N Horse Farm is also helping us out. Here what he has to say about Carleton Place’s 200th!

CLICK ON X ON THE FAR RIGHT FOR VOLUME BUTTON — or else Arlee is pretty silent LOLOL



Memories of Carleton Place 200- Clorise Anderson
This is a piece of local history, and it is a kinda funny, but it is part of my Carleton Place memories. We moved here from Inuvik N.W.T. in 1983 and when I went to work at the CIBC one day in the fall I had a big visual surprise. There were deer hanging beside the Queens Hotel and I thought to myself that was a pretty bizarre site in a downtown area!!!
The funny part was that I moved here from a place where seeing animals hung up for food was common. I guess I just did not expect to see it in downtown Carleton Place!
What do you know about the Queen’s Hotel? Click on this and there are 17 stories about the Queen’s.
Tell me why you love coming home to Carleton Place.



For the 200th our merchants will be decorating up their front windows just like they used to do “in the old days”?

Carleton Place memories from mugs, playing cards, tshirts you name it will be all available through various Carleton Place locations.

The Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce have some things already available ( shirts, magnets, playing cards, sweatshirts, mugs) at 170 Bridge St, Carleton Place. People keep asking me where the Chamber is.. I say “time to go down and visit it” also home to the Roy Brown memories.

Image result for carleton place chamber of commerce

Wisteria at 62 Bridge St, Carleton Place have tea towels and pillows that say ” Life is Better in Carleton Place” — I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Last night someone asked me where I got my purse in Ottawa. I told them at Wisteria and did you know that people come from all around to visit their store? Well, let’s get the buzz out for ALL our downtown.




Tell me why you love coming home to Carleton Place.


In 2015 my husband Colin and I went on a house hunting trip. We look all over downtown Ottawa, Kanata,Barrhaven, Stittsville, Beckwith, and Almonte, and we found nothing…we saw lots of houses, but not the house or the place that really spoke to us.
We were touring about, and we took a turn off Townline from Almonte onto Bridge and as we travelled down, I said to Colin, ‘this is what I am talking about, this place!’ Where are we anyway? Carleton Place, he said. ‘Yup this is where we are going to live.’ This is it.!’
3 weeks later, my husband bought the house we live in. I said, if it is as good as the pictures, BUY IT! Now we are in High Gate and are thrilled.
Kate Murray
Historical Fact
December 20, 1945
The Legion in Carleton Place, under president G.W. Comba, was raffling off a house, “value $4,000.00” (about $53,000 today.) and it was like Kate said “as good as the pictures”.
Thanks to Ray Paquette..
And the winners were: Dot and Wib Giles of Carleton Place. The toddler at his mother’s feet is George Giles, who lives with his wife Gail, nee Williams, in Bridgetown NS…
Ray Paquette What I said in my post, was that Carleton Place was my answer to the question “…where are you from…”. It was also like a magnet and drew me back from wherever I happened to be living which could be, literally, from coast to coast. Although I have moved out of town for personal reasons related to aging, I recently purchased a sweatshirt that I wear proudly. It’s black with a map of Ontario and the caption “…Carleton Place, where my story begins.
Historical Fact

Ray Paquette  I wonder if that was Tom New of Rochester Street who later, in my childhood, delivered the mail on R.R. #1?

Linda Seccaspina Did he go off to war Ray?

Ray Paquette Frankly, I don’t recall any talk of his being a veteran. I was less than ten years old during my time living on Rochester Street and WW1 would not be a subject that came up in my conversation!




Your Carleton Place 200th Memory today- It’s from Jean Perkins
Hi Linda – Years back I purchased an old illustrated copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress at The Good as New Inside is a book plate (?) from the Orphan Homes of Scotland inscribed to a David Drummond, dated March 30,1912 – I am assuming it is perhaps a local family, and being as I don’t know who this was inscribed to, or the history, thought I would pass along to you as a possible mystery?? Hopefully with a happy ending…cheers !!
No matter what rousing discussions you had with Bill Bagg there is not a day we will not forget former councillor and historian Bill Bagg.
The first time I met Bill Bagg was in the Carleton Place Library at a Carleton Place Historical meeting. Was it 1981 or 1982? Anyways, he recognized me as he was a writer with the Ottawa Journal and was quite familiar with my eclectic Ottawa store.
He came over to me and said,
“You didn’t move here did you?
“You know they are going to run you out of town when they find out right?”
And with that he let out of one of his big “belly laughs” and looked at me and said,
“God Love Ya” and proceeded to tell anyone who would listen what “a den of sin” I ran in Ottawa. And so was my first encounter with Bill Bagg. Today we remember Bill Bagg who will always be part of Carleton Place. What are your memories of Bill?
What are your memories? The 200th is coming! Click on the link below to see all the daily memories.
costume (1) (1).jpg
Parades in Carleton Place– Your 200th memory.. The 200th is coming..#getexcited Photo- Lorraine Nephin
I found an old 60 year old photo of a Halloween parade that I was in. We marched down the main street and ended up at the old arena where the library now is. There was a contest for the best costume and I was one of the winners. My mom, ( Evelyn Sadler), made my entire costume out of Carleton Place Canadian newspapers, I am not sure who the other people in the photo are. Lorraine Nephin–
I can recall going to the Legion when it was located on Bridge Street (where Bennett’s Butcher Shop was on the east side, next to Dr. Johnston’s. We’d see a movie and then get a paper bag with hard candy and an apple (and/or orange) in it from Santa. That would be in the 1950s.
Wendy LeBlanc —
Join us for the Carleton Place 200th Celebration Parade! This will be the BIG PARADE to end all parades!!!!!!
Let’s all join in by dressing up, singing out, and marching or creating a float. Show your love of Carleton Place on August 1st!
Are you part of a group or organization that wants to be in the parade? Just have lots of friends and want to march together? Can you sing or play instruments? We want you in our parade!
Registration form here:



Love the Dave Joy…
Dave Joy, Deputy Chief at the Ocean Waves Fire Department appeared at Town Council Tuesday in Carleton Place with some nifty news. The crew wants to wrap the Fire Department’s frontline pumper to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Carleton Place. The unit would remain all decked out for a year, and the cost would be recovered by seeking 500 dollar corporate sponsorships in the community.


Get your steins! Get your steins!!!.. They are available at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum and soon to be available at some of your local watering holes.

They are $15 each, and you get a free CP 200th calendar with your purchase!  and they can be shipped.

Did you know this? Your Carleton Place fact of the day.

There was a man in Carleton Place called Jack (Hoppy) Logan that spent most of his days in the rotunda of the Queen’s Hotel. Logan had an artificial appendage, which in those days was nothing but a wooden leg.

The man loved to whittle, and guests in the Queen’s Hotel loved to watch him. One day one of his whittling projects became unsuccessful, so he crossed his legs, uttered some type of expression and drove the knife a couple of inches into his wooden leg. The knife was sticking straight up into the air and a travelling salesman who had been sitting in the next chair watching the wood carving fainted and fell into a heap on the floor.

John Burchill, the proprietor who heard the thump came out running and asked Hoppy what was wrong. Hoppy looked at him with deadpan eyes and said innocently.

“Heck if I know!”

Get excited, our 200th is coming!! Our 200th is coming!




This is Robert McDonald at the Carleton Place Home Show at our 200th booth on Sunday. But, really “you can call him Bob”. He is just one of the many talented photographers we are lucky to have in our town.

Have you ever heard of Ernie Foote? He was THE photographer in town and many of his photos were in the Ottawa Citizen. Ernie and Anne Foote ran a photography shop on 130-132 Bridge Street . Ernie took school photos and was responsible for distribution of the Ottawa Citizen.

Jim Amy Kirkpatrick said: “He was my uncle and yes the optometrist was was in his building. I used to watch all the parades from upstairs.”

Nancy Hudson said: He took all the school photos and then they would be displayed in his store windows.

Are you getting excited for our 200th? I am!!!! #getexcited

Tonight the last 6 episodes of Game of Thrones begin with the fate of the House Targaryen and the House Lannister at stake.
Carleton Place 200th Fact
Did you know that we had our own dynasty families in Carleton Place? There was the Morphys and the Moores and later came the Willis’s. Here is another fact that I found in an old newspaper archive.
Many Many years ago just like Game of Thrones a nearly two-year-old quarrel between two local love-struck Carleton Place High School teenagers resulted in nine Carleton Place girls and two of their parents being charged with a variety of crimes. A feud over a boy between two school girls spiralled so out of control that other youngsters in the community took sides and even adults were dragged into the dispute. In the end, over 11 appeared in court and were released on the condition that they stay away from each other and keep the peace. NO dragons were involved:)
How about that? You never know what happens in Carleton Place. Our 200th is coming.
543663_10151002584526055_1069121479_n (1)
This is Ed. Ed the Stag just arrived at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Come see him! He was named Ed after Edmond Morphy. The CPHS gals? Photo thanks to Shane Edwards 🙂
According to local history one of the Natives had been following a deer closely and was extremely disappointed when he suddenly lost his game to one of the founders of the town. The Native told Carleton Place settler Edmond Morphy in limited English:
“No meat in wigwam for Wife and Papoose!”
Edmund and the native quickly settled the matter justly for both and established a rule to govern in like cases. Later the Stag’s head became the Town of Carleton Place’s logo as it represented fair play and sharing. Ironically, the artist just happened to use those two deer heads as his model for the logo.
So what is your Carleton Place fact?
We will have stag Tshirts coming soon but they are lost in the mail. So if you see any lost packages please call! #stagssrelost #bringbackthestag
The 200th is coming.. #getexcited
Your 200th Memory– I can’t remember where I got this photo of children playing in Carleton Place– but back then it was a different time.
Doug B. McCarten– Agree that there was a lot of freedom to just be a kid back then and it was SOP in small towns across the country…. Today there are many new things to consider leading to lesser freedoms for kids which I think makes them less prepared for life. Growing up now is much more complicated than back then.
Norma Ford –Back then there was always some parent that would tell your parents what you were doing and you got it when you got home or the next day.
Myfanwy Charbonneau –Thats the way I grew up, little supervision and lots of trust to do the right thing, growing up was fun, playing in the woods, climbing trees, walking wooden fence lines, picking wild fruit, playing his and seek in the wild juniper bushes, then head to the house and eat lunch, and out again until chore time. I loved those days. They make me feel young again.
The 200th is coming.. the 200th is coming.. check all the past memories here..
riverqq1 (1)
Dan Williams
Did anybody else notice the hours tat the booth was open at Riverside Park? Every night till 11:30 and Friday and Saturday till 1:00 am. What were we doing up at the park till 1:00 in the morning? Not sure about that but I know I didn’t have my swimming suit with me all the time. I can however remember swimming across the river late at night with my clothes over my head so they wouldn’t get wet. The 200th is coming!
Keith Giffin The Barrs ran the garage before Earl Horricks Jeff Perkins after him and Brian Fumerton and Denise Spoor next to it Harold Dowdall barber shop next Kelly,s laundry the Theatre and the Carleton lLunch Barr my family ran the lunch bar for a number of years.  I remember it being Barrs because my dad sent me there to borrow a left hand monkey wrench I was told it was being used and come back in 20 mins.
Nancy Hudson —Percy Barr ran it in the 1950’s and later Earl Horricks. I remember my Dad used to go over in the evenings and visit with the other men there.
Nancy HudsonMy family lived on Victoria St. during this time [mid-late 50′], I remember the Thornton family lived in the house back from the street next to the garage and Ned Root had a little shop beside the house. Next was Stanzel’s taxi then Dr. MacDowell’s office where Community Living is now.
Did you know?


townhall (1).jpg

Your 200th fact… Photo–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
Fact-January 30 1903–The Carleton Place town hall was not large enough to hold the immense crowds which gathered- to witness’ the annual Sunday school entertainment of St. James church last week. -$163 was taken in with 10 and 15 cent admissions. The Sunday school performed on the slanted stage. Do you know why the town hall stage is slanted? Click here–Why is the Town Hall Stage Slanted? Is it Collapsing?



Your Carleton Place 200th Fact today..
Norma Ford said : Notice the parking both sides of street. If you could drive Bridge Street in Carleton Place, you could drive anywhere and I mean anywhere. I also remember the stunt driving back in the day with our Police Chief Herbie Cornell, the best. He was so patient with the younger crowd, had compassion until you stepped over the line. Those were good days, if only the kids had these memories, the world would be a much better place.




From Paula Roy

Carleton Place an ideal getaway destination

Carleton Place a hotbed for good food and drink



Image result for things png

Today I was Proud to be a Carleton “Place-ion”

It was Just Another Day of Excitement in Carleton Place

The Exceptional Lunch Ladies of Carleton Place – Full Deck

Know Your Town —The Hungry Lunch Cafe




Jason Blaine will be headlining the Carleton Place 200th Celebration Concert on Saturday, July 27, 2019! This one-day outdoor concert will feature ten hours of live music and will be taking place at Riverside Park in Carleton Place.

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