It was Just Another Day of Excitement in Carleton Place

It was Just Another Day of Excitement in Carleton Place


I love how everyone was friendly. NO pretension, all hugs and only good thoughts for Carleton Place. The gal on the left is who I call “the new gal”  is actually Heather from Waterside. Let’s give her a Carleton Place Welcome!



Dave Hands is busy chatting up Rob from Beckwith Butcher. No doubt talking about cuts of meat..:)


Did you know that each and every one of you that live in our community is an important piece of what makes our community continue to grow and thrive? I don’t think I can tell you how emotional and proud I have felt for the past two days. It’s like a balloon waiting to bust inside of me. I have always been a firm believer that people need to work together, and the last few days all I have seen is just that and more. It has proved to me that everyone can put their thoughts aside and empower our community to be the best it can be.

Yesterday, for the first time we had an incredible employment presentation which you can read about in the bottom link, and it is just the beginning. Today for the first time the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce sponsored and began a “Mayor’s Lunch Series” today which will happen again in July.



There’s Mayor Doug and Tracy Lamb!


Anyone can go to this just by having to pay the fee for lunch. This is a chance to ask questions, share lunch with business people, and maybe your neighbour, and keep up to date with all the happenings in our fair town. It’s all about communication and getting involved. Vision challenges us all, and Mayor Doug spoke how important it is to him to have quality of life and manage growth here in Carleton Place. I can tell you personally he is never shy to address your concerns and he cares. Like myself he is very concerned, and does not want Carleton Place looking like the kind of development that is around the Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata.



Some thoughts were:

Will fixing up the arena and a new hotel on the way on McNeely offer Carleton Place new opportunities?

Can we become an investment attraction?

There is a new senior citizen centre coming to the old railroad building and everyone is thrilled!

Talk about a senior shuttle working with Lanark County to Walmart or Main Street or Shoppers (examples only) is in the beginning stages.

Working hard along with other communities to find ways for senior housing when the county has nothing in the works. We have to do our very best,  but it is an enormous challenge!

Our hospital is our anchor, and making sure the future fundraising can be all that it can be is on the hot list.





Our CAO Diane Smithson spoke about our new budget and what new things we can expect. If we did not have the future bridge work coming up we might not have had an increase. But, as of now the increase is: $28.83 for the year,  or $2.40 a month. As Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond reminded us all: these taxes don’t end up in the town’s pockets. Did you know half of it  goes to the County and school boards?



Our Public Works Dept head Dave Young was up next and told us all about the future bridge work. Environmental studies and developing and design are up first and choosing alternate safe routes. Something I learned a few months ago is that before the bridge work can begin all infrastructure gas lines, communications wires etc. etc. have to be removed.  It is a lengthy process, and actual work on the bridge will not begin until 2021. Did you know it is the most significant project we have ever had in Carleton Place? Things have changed since one of the Morphys put in a tender for 1000 bucks to repair the bridge in the late 1800s.

There will also be $2,675,500 spent in road projects. Some streets will be: Antrim, High, Charles, some parts of Queen, Bell, Costello, Herriot, Mary, and Henry. There is good news folks that we have been talking about for a long time — two words– streetlight upgrade. Did you know that later in 2019 Bell Fibre will be available all over Carleton Place?

Everyone should thank Dave and his crew for all the hard work they did the last few months with the ice and snow. We should buy them Tshirts that say: “Winter is Coming!” Author’s Note– AND if you do not watch Game of Thrones I’ve lost you in the last sentence LOL.



Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond discussed the 200th festivities and what’s coming up. Don’t forget we have a special 200th table at the Carleton Place Spring Home Show on April 5-7th. Let’s get excited about the 200th! It’s only going to come once!!

Again, communication is key to everyone making our town great. So come out to the next Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce   Mayor’s luncheon in July.  We will let you know when and where. After all– it’s yours, mine and OUR town so let’s do this Carleton Place. Hope to see you in July at the next luncheon.


Food was provided by our very own Petra at The Good Food Co

I will take a bucket of that soup to go please LOL



Image result for did you know? png

The Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce also now includes Mississippi Mills businesses too? It’s great that we are all working together.


thumbnail - 2019-03-19T122252.356

Carleton Place 200 had a logo contest last summer and Rachel Hisko’s design was the winning entry.

Rachel graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in Graphic Design. She worked as a design/photography student at the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce in the summer of 2017. Since this, Rachel has continued her design work with the chamber.

Rachel now works for a company called IMI People as a Junior User Interface/User Experience Designer. She has a passion for basketball, photography and anything design

Today tell just ONE person about our Carleton Place 200th Celebrations coming up- just ONE or TAG someone on this post. Why? Because I am counting on you to help us celebrate our 200th in style and we need you to spread the word- Check out our Carleton Place 200 page


What does Love and unbridled enthusiasm look like for Carleton Place?


Me, Linda –Kate Murray from the BIA and The Market Station’s Lisa Strangway


Today I was Proud to be a Carleton “Place-ion”


The Exceptional Lunch Ladies of Carleton Place – Full Deck

Know Your Town —The Hungry Lunch Cafe

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  1. Wonderful info. Thanks Linda. We can feel the light and the hope in the town being restored. And most importantly the pride.


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