Today I was Proud to be a Carleton “Place-ion”

Today I was Proud to be a Carleton “Place-ion”


Busload three in from Kingston-St. Lawrence College

When I learn something new– I am going to share it with you.. because it is so worth sharing!

I get excited when I see good things happening in our town as I want everyone in the world to know what we have here. This morning I went over to the Canoe Club to take a look at a really unusual event. It’s not often that you see school buses from “outside our town line” except for sports.

Buses generally mean that ‘folks from out of town’ are visiting, and if they like it here, they will tell someone, and someone will tell someone, and pretty soon everyone will be talking about Carleton Place. That’s what we all want!



Mayor Doug and Jackie Kavanagh from the Chamber of Commerce


Our local Employment Resource Centre, run by Rob Probert and his Canadian Career Academy, put together an education and job fair event today which was open only by invitation.  As a former fashion designer I plead innocent on this kind of stuff, but I do know that my father used to tell me that the only people making money were electricians and plumbers. He was right about that, and sadly his daughter did not follow the family lineage and become an electrician.

There is nothing wrong with getting yourself a fancy degree, but what I found out today was that there is a huge need for machinists and CNC machine operators. Some of these employers at this event were looking for 500 people. Locally, there are at least 50 positions available just today.



Smiths Falls group had just left- but here are some local lads from Notre Dame High School

This event combined ten local employers in need, students learning about the trade, and a large group of college students just graduating and looking for jobs. There were students and staff from 5 Lanark County schools attending along with a full bus, about 60 grads, from St. Lawrence College in Kingston. They are the experts in this field and wanted their students to have a chance at these jobs –and also to see what small towns in our area have to offer. Like ours!

Rob told me that he is also trying to pull St. Lawrence and Algonquin Ottawa Colleges together to find ways to provide training locally, and at the same time entice young people into these trades.

We all hear about the skills gaps, and I am so pleased to see that here in Carleton Place that someone is trying to do something meaningful about it. I asked a few of the businesses why they were there, and they all said the same thing:

“We are tired of being asked what are our problems, this event is an actual attempt to help solve our problem”.



Mayor Doug with the E.T.M Industries group.


This was a pilot event which Rob hopes to expand considerably, but that it is all focused on hands on information about manufacturing—that it is a good trade and pays well at this level of skill.

Believe it or not, this type of single focus event is not the norm and we residents of Carleton Place should be proud this happened today in our very own town. I know I was so excited to see Carleton Place hosting this and  I learned something very important today. I should have become a tool die maker!

Thanks to Rob and staff for doing this. I am always wearing my heart for Carleton Place on the outside– but today– it was exploding I was so proud.



Jackie from the Chamber of Commerce, Rob Probert, and Kate Murray from the BIA

Valley Heartland provided the lunch and if you don’t know who they are like I did a few months ago, check out their link.  Valley Heartland CFDC offers business loans, grants, business counselling, workshop & training opportunities and other services to promote business growth. Thank you Valley Heartland!







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