I Always Wanted a Hallmark Moment — Thanks Joanne Henderson

I Always Wanted a Hallmark Moment — Thanks Joanne Henderson



Your morning chuckle.. yes this was my outfit last night for the Heritage dinner..:)


I am a Hallmark junkie and watch romantic movies over and over. I can tell you where they were shot, who starred in what, and in all honesty if it rains I literally drip sugar. In each movie there is always someone who gets down on their knees and asks for someone’s hand in marriage. I never got that in my life, and really, I never questioned why.  It was what it was, and it didn’t really matter, until the last few years.

Was it because I had a stroke or heart attacks these past few years? Was it because I  felt life was quickly closing up shop,and in reality, I always wanted this to happen? If I die tomorrow I’ve had a good life, I have done it all, but that Hallmark movie proposal sat in the back of my brain, and every single Hallmark movie well, I pointed proposals out to Steve.:)

The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum had their Heritage  dinner last night and a beautiful diamond ring from Burns Jewellers was the big ticket. I joked with Steve that if he won, well, he was going to have to get down on his knees and ask me to marry him for a second time.



Sean Redmond did a fantastic job selling those tickets and no, we did not win– but Joanne Henderson did. I was thrilled for her– but what did she do? She put the ring down on the table and told Steve it was his. We were flabbergasted, just flabbergasted, and I think I was in shock. In front of a capacity crowd at the Town Hall Steve got down on one knee and asked me to marry him again. I could not stand up, I was completely frozen and yes, my antlers fell off.

There in the middle of Carleton Place on a cold winter’s night in February I got my Hallmark moment thanks to Joanne Henderson. Many footprints will walk in and out of your life, but there are really special people around that will leave a footprint in your heart– and that is Joanne. Thank you for giving me the moment in my life I will never forget.



In my confusion I did not realize Father David was there and we could have done the marriage roundup a second time right then and there. When I mentioned it after the fact he said,

“Well, we’ve still got the parking lot!!”

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  1. This is without a doubt better than any Hallmark movie. WOW. Joanne is an angel. What an amazing generous gift to two of my favourite people. I told you Steve was a keeper. Lol. Little did I realize you would be proposed to twice by this ” keeper of a gentleman” So thrilled for both of you and Joanne Henderson you are even more amazing than I have always known you to be. Please tell me someone has video of this.


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