Almonte Poetry —- Agnes Whitelaw Boyce Almonte

Almonte Poetry —- Agnes Whitelaw Boyce Almonte


Grist Mill-



0, peaceful dreamy town
That nestles in the vale, _
With streets and homes so pleasant,
And her people fair and hale
And grand the scene about her
That lends her charm and grace
Amid the fairest beauty town
Fair Almonte takes the place.

The winding waters of her stream
Come on serene and slow
Till o’er the falls they grandly leap,
and boil in foam below.



The silvery moon at even, ·
A street of silver lays
Across the wind toss
Across the bends and bays
From many a height in Ramsay
The town is seen afar,
And each light looks at evening,
Just like the evening star,
While in ‘the moon tide brightness
It seems to nestledown.


boat_scene (1).jpg
Almonte Boat


In the Mississippi Valley,
Almonte, fair Almonte town.
From just outside its borders,
Is seen a distant view,
The grand chain of Laurentians,
Lie in a haze of blue,
And the bright autumn colors,
Less than fifty miles-away,
Upon the mountain side are seen
Upon a cloudless day


cannon mill lower

Around her here and there,
In valley and on hill,
Are wondrous woods and plains
And rippling brooks and the river
About the town so dangerous fair,
Nature with lavish hand,
Has spread out beauty everywhere,

Oh Almonte fairest Almonte
What ails thee at this time
With power and beauty around thee
Thou shouldest be in thy prime
Wake from the dreamy slumber
Arouse and take thy place,
Add to your wealth and number
And strike a progress pace.
Written and composed by
Agnes Whitelaw Boyce


Dedication of the War Memorial–





Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 27 Aug 1940, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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