Documenting Franktown Road Before it Changes

Documenting Franktown Road Before it Changes


Photo- Jennifer Fenwick Irwin — Muldowan’s former property

Hey Linda,
I don’t know if you have heard that they’re going to be tearing down Mike and Mary Moldowan’s  (Muldoon as everyone calls them) house on Franktown Road. They’ve already moved the big garage. According to Pat Muldowan someone is putting up some new houses there. Back in the day, their place was a Sunoco gas station and a little store.

My understanding is that it’s the whole house plus the corner lot and I imagine the old vacant house will go too.  When I was talking to Pat Moldowan the other day, she said that there will be houses going in along there. Another piece of history gone.
Kim Elder

Thanks Kim!!!


Photo- Jennifer Fenwick Irwin– Muldowan’s former property


Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Photo

So with that Jennifer went out and so did I to take pictures of homes that we think will be gone before you know it for development. I could be wrong, but feel strongly that these homes should be documented for down the road.  People will wonder down the road what was once there, like we do now for buildings that are no longer there– so take photos folks so the future can remember the past.


Photo- Jennifer Fenwick Irwin- Muldowan’s former property (the wee house on the side)


Photo- Jennifer Fenwick Irwin


Photo- Jennifer Fenwick Irwin

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Franktown Road Sold or For Sale Homes 

293 Franktown Rd- (was marked SOLD sign has gone)


photo Linda Seccaspina


photo Linda Seccaspina

307-309 Franktown Rd SOLD


photo Linda Seccaspina


photo Linda Seccaspina


photo Linda Seccaspina

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Manager closes store to avoid early-morning robberies By Mary Cook and Abby Deveney
Rather than jeopardize the safety of her employees by staying open 24 hours, the manager of the Town Line Becker store here resigned and locked up shop Monday. Pat Moldowan posted a sign on the door and didn’t open for business Monday morning after receiving what she says was an order from the Becker regional supervisor to stay open 24 hours.
The store had been open between 7 a.m. and midnight. The sign said the Muldowans did  not want to be responsible for what might happen to an employee who had to man the store all night. It cited incidents across the province where young people had been murdered and raped while on the job late at night at other convenience stores. “I will not put their lives on the line,” Moldowan said Monday. “You don’t see the supervisors out manning the stores all night. They are safe at home.
As far as I’m concerned they are only interested in a few extra dollars and are giving no consideration to the safety of the lives of those who have to work that shift. Muldowan said adults don’t want to work the “graveyard shift” and the only people she can get to work all night are young teenagers. But Becker Eastern Ontario supervisor Bob Saunders says neither he nor managers in Toronto ordered the extended hours.
“As far as the 24-hour business, there’s nothing definite from our company so far,” Saunders said. “There was certainly talk of going 24 hours, but nothing definite has come from us.”
However, Moldowan says Becker management insisted they open all night when gas pumps installed three weeks ago become operational. The residents of Carleton Place are already working towards preventing their Becker store from staying open overnight. By Monday evening, more than 100 residents had signed a petition opposing an all-night Becker store. Saunders had a locksmith open up the store and replaced Moldowan with a new manager Monday morning. And he said it will be business as usual, between the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight, until his superiors in Toronto tell him otherwise. Police Chief Ray Mclsaac said small-town stores open 24 hours are easy prey for robbers.



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In Memory of Mike Moldowan — The Man Behind the Fries

1963 Rule of Thumb for a Strong Physique — Straight Outta Carleton Place High School

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