Lottie Barr’s Chips Almonte –Thanks to Allan Stanley

Lottie Barr’s Chips Almonte –Thanks to Allan Stanley


Photo Allan Stanley- Inside the chip wagon on a hot July night (late 40s)- Alan Mac Stanley

Allan Stanley I remember it well. Lottie Barr was my aunt and my father,  Alan Mac Stanley, sold her the business and wagon in the late 40’s. His first wagon was a horse drawn milk cart… but without the horse. He would pull it himself from the alley behind where the laundromat is now on Bridge street. Eventually he moved on to a Model T bus as the business grew.  I used to help her from time to time loading and unloading the peeler on a summer day in her back yard… she also introduced me to “riced” potatoes.


 Clipped from The Ottawa Citizen, 10 Jul 1971, Sat, Page 37

Peggy Byrne They were the best – so remember those little brown baggies that she put the fries in and the vinegar dripped out of the bottom. The hot dogs with fries on top were delicious too.

Doris O’Connor-WOW They were the best. Loved the hot dogs with the fries on top.

Judy Reid Hamre When we lived at 159 Country St. Lottie lived 2 doors over from us and most mornings were filled with the quiet rumble of her potato peeler running.

Linda Mills She served delicious popcorn as well. Always smiling! Just a wonderful lady.

Donna Timmins Hot dog with the fries simply was The Best! Who wouldn’t remember Lottie? Lovely Lady!

Glenna Kells Hoho… who doesn’t remember Lottie Barr’s chip wagon across from the theatre😍😍😍. Iconic… beautiful homemade fries 🤗🤗

Wendelina O’Keefe Rampton Lottie Barr’s chips set the bar for me — and I have seldom had anyone else’s chips come up to par

Allan Stanley– The secret is still in the family.

Eric Caldwell Made in lard, no canola oil kicking around, back then!!, Both my daughters worked at the chip stand, here in Pakenham! 5 Span Spuds! They sell a lot , 6000 customers this year and pouting.

Peter Low I’ve had fries from various chip trucks here in Toronto. Lottie Barr still sets the standard.

Candice Barr  Lottie (my Grandmother) gave me my first summer job, think I was 13 or 14. Every Saturday morning load and unload potato peeler and haul cases of drinks from basement to chip wagon. Then my Dad would drive the wagon downtown. Also ate a few free chips. Lol.

Sean Wright remember it well – parked outside the O’Brien theatre – always a line up after the show was over – awesome fries – wonderful lady !! 🙂

Janet I. Scott Loved to stop there on my movie matinee afternoons. Put lots of vinegar on my fries till my paper cone dripped. Lottie Barr was my Brownie leader too.

Sandra Thompson Best fries ever! I remember paying 5cents for the paper cone full of fries.


Photo Allan Stanley

Allan Stanley I remember it well. Lottie Barr was my aunt and my father sold her the business and wagon in the late 40’s. His first wagon was a horse drawn milk cart… but without the horse. He would pull it himself from the alley behind where the laundromat is now on Bridge street. Eventually he moved on to a Model T bus as the business grew.


Photo Allan Stanley-The Model T Bus

Allan Stanley—and that is the O’Brien theatre in the background (both photos above), where Aunt Lottie continued at this location until into the 1980’s. For more history… the Model T bus in the pics above was not the chip wagon most people remember. The model T bus went up in flames in a spectacular fire at the Almonte fair. To be followed by the newer silver painted version.


obituary_lottie_giles__barr__gif.gifFrom Warner_Giles Family Tree


Blast from the past-From the scrapbook of Joan Stoddart


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 29 Sep 1990, Sat,
  3. Page 72

Theresa Barr Lottie Barr was my husband, Dave Barr’s great Aunt.



Lisa Stanley Sheehan–Grampa’s Chips… Dad open end up Grandpa’s Chips after he retired from Dominion Dairys..he loved it
Lisa Stanley Sheehan Photo
D Christopher Vaughan Just fries, nothing else, but boy were they good
Steve Maynard My kids loved Grandpa Keith and his fries. We would go at least one a weekend during the summer, often three times, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.
Barb Mcphail For years my girls thought he WAS there grampa. ❤️
Kathy Kenny LeBlanc Me too..I was pregnant with Mackenzie that summer when he was on that hill..I was sure she would be born with Grandpa’s chips on her head lol
Ann Bowen Us too Lisa…they were and still would be the best in Almonte…not to mention the terrific guy that made them for all of us🤗
Rita Giles We had some kinda fun in that thing when I worked with him the last summer he had it!
Pete Brunelle Down by the old flour mill I remember getting fries and having a chat.
Pat Vaughan Great fries (and always fun watching someone asking for a hot dog or hamburger)
MaryAnn Morrow—Yes almonte is not the same anymore we loss this chip truck. I am done with Almonte. And I have lived here all my life !! Not proud of our so called friendly town no more 😭

Willy’s Chip Truck-

Many of our members have contacted us regarding a local business called Willy’s Chip Truck and an issue the business is experiencing with the municipality. Willy’s chip truck has been sitting in the same place on Martin Street for over 25 years and is currently owned by Mr. Don Kenney.

Mr. Kenney has made every effort that he could to have a retirement job that would give him a little extra bit of spending money to supplement his retirement income. He bought an older chip wagon that needed some work, had the Health Department in, had Fire Department checks, paid his insurance and bought supplies. After he purchased it in 2017 everything went well, he cleaned things up, produced a good product, was well supported by the locals and particularly the high school kids. Read more here..


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Historic chip wagon owner will not be compensated by town

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