The Carleton Place Riverside Park Booth Etc. Etc.

The Carleton Place Riverside Park Booth Etc. Etc.


Thanks to all that commented.. we now have documented more local history.


Almonte Gazette August 1964

Bev Hynes The people in the photo are myself, Debbie Hastie and I believe two of her siblings? I think there used to be a canteen to the right!  They used to sell these postcards in the smoke shop!!!! (Candy store)

Cathy Paul Dulmage I believe that cruiser at the dock belonged to my dad. It was built by a Neighbour across the street when we lived on Charlotte street. His name was Wiggy Lotan. Mrs. Lotan used to babysit us. It was a great place to be growing up. A much gentler time. Paul Dulmage


Peter Bradley Leo Dulmage bought my fathers boat in 1960 with a 70hp Mercruser engine on it, he also took us for a ride in an Edsel. Paul used to race go-carts in the track at the end of High Street and let me drive his cart too.

Joann Voyce Paul It was Wiggy Logan . I spent the first 8 years of my life on Charlotte and Thomas Sts.


Photo- John Armour

John Armour It was an “Egyptian” hull, homemade by Willys, with a 40h.p Scott At Water red outboard ( which could never achieve plane). I grew up on boat with my dad, but normally anchored in off the dock in anchors made of coffee cans cemented. Had a crumbly rubber carper and the captains chair used to collapse suddenly. Had an oak ice box. (Photo shows my sister at the dock of our grandmother/father LeMaistre’s cottage.)
Spent early years on this boat and cut up a stink with my Father when he announced in 1967 we were getting a new boat (Chris Craft owned by Leo thru to Ray Chambers) Very rare “Chris Craft – Kit boat) boat had the same painted swish as the cover photo boat which was an idea of Leo’s as I was there when it was adapted to an new paint scheme for the Chris Craft, during a rebuilding in 1970, at Beckwith Construction garage. So the fine, tasteful artistry of Leo, runs amongst multiple craft. ( Glad you are okay now John!)–



Photo- John Armour

John Armour Leo was the idea man to add the blue swish at the stern during remaking of the Chris Craft boat in 1970 (similar to the cover picture at the booth of the Egyptian hull) Leo’s artistic eye and taste are evident. Photo taken by me from the boathouse at end of Frank Street.

John Edwards Many memories of “the Booth

Jennifer Hicks Indeed John!

Sylvia Giles Not sure if that was the official name but everybody called it The Booth!!!!

Karen McGee Yes, I worked the canteen for several summers. I also rented boats to Stompin’ Tom when he would come by in the daytime to go fishing.

Sandra Mailey I believe Ray Kennedy and his wife operated the boat rental business and the booth. She made the best hamburgers I had ever tasted!

Ted Hurdis definitely was a great place to go for a burger, fries, shake or whatever. It was the booth to everyone from town. Early on the road through the park ran right beside the front counter of the booth



Karen McGee Yes, and it was run by Delmer & Muriel Baldry from Ottawa when I worked there, probably ’71 ish.

Dan Williams Great place. Spent a lot of time there. First renting boats to go fishing. I was only about 12 but I could rent a boat. Usually a row boat but for a couple of extra bucks you could get a motor. Later we hung out there as teenagers. Parked our cars on the high school side of the road. I knew it as Brooks’ booth. The booth was good enough. Great memories.

Ray Paquette —Ray Kennedy and his wife operated the “canteen” in the 1950’s. In addition to the refreshments stand and boat rentals, you could buy live bait, minnows and dew worms for fishing using the rental boats. I believe that Dale Costello moored his “sea flea” there in the late ’50’s early ’60’s nad if he see this post he will make a comment. By the way, didn’t Ray drive a taxi in the “off season”?

Kevin Kennedy  it was called the booth my father and mother built it just after w.w.11 he built 32 row boats that he rented them out before the highway bridge was put in. mother run the both restaurant end of things . they stayed there until one of my older brothers near drowned then they moved to Francis street

Ted Hurdis ,Kevin Kennedy such a great part of our town history Kev. You should be very proud of what they did and accomplished , I hope you have some keepsakes it was a big part of our life back then.

Ray Paquette Kevin Kennedy I didn’t realize that your parents built it. I holds a special place in my memories of summers in Carleton Place as a youth. Did your father drive a taxi at any point or am I having a “senior moment”..

Kevin Kennedy–Yes he did he owned kennedys taxi owned for twenty some years. My dad run it for years after the second world war. Linda there was a store he run sold hot dogs hamburger ice cream cones etc and he had about 50 row boats he rented out to all most 100 campers that stayed in the park then he made extra money when the carnivals came to town his name was Ray Kennedy thanks.

Linda Gallipeau-Johnston We all just loved that place on the river! We were at that canteen on a daily basis throughout the summer and school lunch hours while it was still open.



Photo- John Armour


John Armour Paul has this boat of Leo’s in mind. Taken at the end of Frank Street at the wharf. This is the boat copied by my Dad as design for the boat at the booth picture..

Keith Giffin In 59 when I went into high school , tried out for the football team, we had our practice at the back of the high school, next to the booth or canteen . When we had a break, some of the boy,s would go for a drink or a ice-cream cone. Coach Davie Palmater put a stop to that.

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown They had the best ice cream. It was rolled and really creamy!


Dale Costello Remember Ray Kennedy quite well. frequent visitor. Had my small three point hydroplane at his docks. Fastest way to see the girls up the lake. Great years in CP.

Anne McRae I remember Riverside Park , Heather and I were lifeguards there.

Bill Brunton I grew up on Moffatt street and used to walk our Dogs down the trail at the end of Joseph Street. There used to be 2 clearings in there. Straight across the River from the Canoe club.. I always wondered what that was in there. A slag dump for Findlays Foundry? Nice pictures of the boats by the water.



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  1. Did anybody else notice the hours tat the booth was open. Every night till 11:30 and Friday and Saturday till 1:00 am. What were we doing up at the park till 1:00 in the morning. Not sure about that but I know I didn’t have my swimming suit with me all the time. I can however remember swimming across the river late at night with my clothes over my head so they wouldn’t get wet.


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