Another Broken Bed Incident — Stories from Richards Castle — Noreen Tyers

Another Broken Bed Incident — Stories from Richards Castle — Noreen Tyers




Another Broken Bed incident.

This story was related to me by sister

The Old Stone House at Snow Road  on the Mississippi, had a lot of stories to be told.  When you are a child, sweet innocence is so present and in the 1940’s this was much more prevalent.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Be right back

The Stone House had no running water, electricity, the only source of light was a coil oil lamp or a flashlight.  In the forties the flashlight gave off little light. If the moon was out it was not bad as you could find your way, when it shone in the window.  If the stars and moon, were tucked behind the clouds, you could barely see your hand in front of your face, it was dark.

The children were put to bed when darkness descended, so by the time the adults came up to bed, they had been sleeping for a while.  On most evenings after the kids were out of their hair, everyone would sit and play cards or just talk and some may have beer or a drink.  It would be much later when they would venture up to bed.

The men would be up early so they usually went off to sleep quite quickly, after all it was a lot of work rowing a boat, fishing or cleaning the fish for dinner.  When they needed to bring up a block of ice from the Ice house, it would take a bit of muscle power and a walk to the barn. Oh such groans could be heard. Now if they had already made their trip to the outhouse it meant another trip, maybe even digging out a block.  One has to remember that some of the blocks were a good size, and they were on holidays. Rest was important, so they believed, after all they worked hard all year and they were on holidays. But, most important they were MEN!

On occasion one would become romantically inclined and I guess maybe  had been thinking of it during the day, so on their way to the bedroom the urge would once again rear its ugly little head.  Now my parents, aunts and uncles were young active people and a two-week period might just be a long time to wait. It never seemed to matter that there was a few people in the house.   After a week of good old country air and rest from their work a young man’s thoughts might just turn to thoughts of love.


36333278_1739949589395128_1955045203056263168_n (1).jpg

Photo Noreen Tyers

You have to remember the house would be filled with young innocent sweet things, too young to know anything about a young man’s fancy.  All of a sudden a big crash bang and who knows what the NOISE was about in the middle of the night and pitch black. It does take a few minutes for a flashlight to be found and then find out where the noise came from. As a child you can only think something wild has arrived on the scene, maybe a Big Bear or God knows what.  Imagination of a child is quite vivid, at least mine was. The flashlight on, Grandpa was first on the scene into my Aunt and Uncles Room he went. The stately old bed had broken and the mattress was laying on the floor, two red faces appeared on the bed rail just wondering what had happened. Surprise the mattress is on the floor, and thoughts of love soon Punk disappear.

“Foolish young people” that’s all Grandpa, said and the kids went back to bed non the wiser and still the sweet innocent children that had no thoughts other than the bed broke.  Grandpa will repair the bed in the morning, he always fixes things.

From the Pen
of Noreen
April 29, 2018

Note: I often wondered why my grandfather never gave his little talk to the adults?    Who me?
“You know if you want to come back next year ….”

Stories from Richards Castle.


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Photo Noreen Tyers

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