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Located at 101 Bridge Street, the restaurant, with its booths, curved counter and red leather stools, was a local institution and operated by Louis and James Laskaris as the Olympic Candy Store in 1920. Jim was the manager and principal owner and Louis was the candy maker.  There was once  great displays of Turkish Delight fudge and butter cups displayed in their windows.

Jim married a local girl Helen Mesner and they had two children Bill and Nan. After Helen died Jim returned to Greece and remarried and sold to Jim Antonakos in 1958. Louis  Laskaris left Carleton Place and opened a business in Bowmanville. A fire destroyed the building in 1960, but it was rebuilt and opened again in 1961. Jim Antonakas had previously purchased the building 2.5 years before that fateful day. Antonakas had originally operated a restaurant in the Byward Market in Ottawa.

Everything in the restaurant and garage was destroyed but the firemen aided by the residents of Carleton Place were able to save almost all of the equipment in the barber shop. A fire that amounted to $75,000 worth of damage to: The Olympia Restaurant, Howard Little’s Barbershop and a garage owned by Elmer Robertson containing a small amount of furniture fell prey to the flames. In 1961, the Olympia was rebuilt and reopened. At this time, Stewart Comba leased a part for his furniture shop and R.A. Downing had an office here.

One of the people that ran the Olympia restaurant was Monib El Jaji and his family. El had been cooking for other restaurants for 18 years when he decide to open his own. He had moved his family from Lebanon to Canada in 1967 as he wanted his kids to grow up in a peaceful place.

Some of the people that worked at the Olympia were: Pearl Wilson, Reta Chilcott, Toots Morris, Marian McDaniel and Ruby McPherson. The Olympia closed it’s doors for good in 2000 and is still greatly missed.

Carl Moulton Pizza.

Tim Bell Poutine, but I don’t think they called it that back in the “good old days”.

Ray Paquette Chinese buffet as a “treat” on Friday nights…

Selena Connah Their poutine was amazing!

Kaleigh Ferguson French fries and pizza. That was our treat on Fridays with mom. Cindy 

Beth Sweeney Cheesebugers

Bonnie Tosh Their Chinese buffet.
Plus they had a great breakfast really cheap.

Robert McDonald The Olympia was the first restaurant we tried upon moving to Carleton Place. Their Chinese Buffet was my favourite.

Heather Rockburn Poutine and pizza

Fay Tucker French fries and gravy!

Susan McCann Fries are gravy and egg rolls!

Jackie Kavanagh I actually worked there for a short time when I was a teenager so ate a lot of food there!


Norma Rotzal Worked there in 1966. Fries and gravy was a big thing.

Bill Brunton Fries and Gravy comes to mind.

Jim Amy Kirkpatrick French fries and gravy

Marilyn White Fries

Bill Russell Breakfast

Cindy Stevens McFadden Fries with gravy!

Sylvia Giles Fries and gravy! But, the fries and gravy at The Embassy were better!  🙂

Chad Hastie Loved there gravy!! Buffet was good to0

Gail Grabe Chips and gravy with a cherry coke. That took all of our 25 cent allowance in the late 50’s early 60’s. Sometimes an extra nickel for the tabletop jukebox selection.

Rick Redmond Fish and chips . Later their buffet.

Barbara MacDonald Fries and gravy. Also hot chocolate with marshmallow on top.

John Newton Poutine

Donna Mcfarlane Chinese buffet


Norma Ford Their soups were out of this world.

Dawn Jones Pea soup on Friday!

Janinne Wark Chinese.

Tom Wright We used to get permission to walk from Carambeck to the Olympia at lunchtime. We had hamburger deluxe (fries and drink) and it was $2.50. I don’t think we left a tip for the poor waitress as we wanted to stop at The Maple Leaf Dairy for candy on the way back to school.

Sandra Rattray Mine were french fries and gravy or a hot pork or chicken sandwich smothered in gravy with fries if I had any money.

Dawn Jones chinese buffet

Lynne Johnson pizza on Friday nights – takeout

Brandon Armstrong I loved the pizza

Kate Logan Pizza

Tammy Lloyd- Illingworth Loved going over to the buffet….. It was really good!!

Pamela LeMaistre Fries and gravy!

Wendy Healey Pizza for sure

Pam McCauley Fries and gravy

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown Fries and gravy before or after the show at the town hall!

Dory N Grey Pizza – pepperoni & mushroom  =) GREAT pizza!

Angie MacDonald Cromlich After school: fries and gravy with a Pepsi.
As a treat the odd Friday night: Chinese buffet Every once in awhile I’d just get fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce… $1.25…

Christy Zavitske McNeely The Buffett was always so yummy. I wish the prices were the same. 🙂

Tina McNeely fries and gravy were the best

Bj Layloved the olympia.. look at thoze pricez.. lol

Lawrie Sweet Coleslaw

Peter Iveson Grill cheese sandwich, french fries, coleslaw, a dill pickle, and a chocolate milkshake.

Donna Zeman Fries and gravy

Ted Hurdis No question , chips and gravy.

Dale Costello Chips and gravy. And conversations with Woggi and JG about resolving world problems as CP was problem free back then.

Ann Stearns Rawson Hot chocolate after ice skating at the old arena rink.

Mary Jane Lancaster Fries and gravy…aka brown sauce

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