What Almonte Would Like to See in 1892

What Almonte Would Like to See in 1892

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Bennett Rosamond-www.biographi.ca

April 29, 1892 Almonte Gazette

1-A building boom

2-The Cotton Warp Factory under way


Almonte Ontario | “Great Falls At Almonte Started Woollen Industry”

3-No. 2 Mill re-opened and worked to its full capacity,
And No. 1 running full time.

(May 6th 1892 update-No. 1 Mill, which has been running four days a week for some time
list, will work six days a week hereafter.)

3-Another fine crop for the farmers.

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The Homestead – a John Dunn story | The Millstone

4-Judge Jamieson receive a good send-off before he leaves town.

5-A street committee that could satisfy all parts of the town in the matter of sidewalks.


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Almonte Fair


6-The roller mill of W. C. Caldwell, M.P.P., rebuilt at Lanark. It burnt down see–

7-Mr. Rosamond succeed in getting the required bonus for the Carp, Almonte and
Lanark R.R.


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Almonte town council-almonte.com


8-Warmer weather and some rain.

9-Every wooden house in Almonte painted.

10-That promised mail service from and to Carleton Place.


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lindaseccaspina – WordPress.com


11-All our merchants have a prosperous summer trade.

12-Everybody who can spare a dollar join the Mechanics’ Institute on or about May 1st.

13-A fine new agricultural hall built this summer, and every man in the North
Riding of Lanark, directly and indirectly interested in agriculture, join the society,
and thus help to pay the debt.


Image result for almonte 1892North Lanark Regional Museum–Almonte High School 1919

14-Sunday street comer loafing put an end to–especially around the *People’s store.

15-A town that has better water-power or more natural beauty than itself.

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16-A bylaw passed that will compel those who sell wood to give 128 cubic feet for a

17-The street sprinkler at work.



The back just says “French movie made in Almonte July/87” Photo Sarah Fourney

Mill Street, Almonte Ontario, Canada, converted to a 1930’s era set for the French Canadian movie “The Revolving Door”

-Nature has done much for the beauty of Almonte. There are few towns
In Eastern Ontario that are as picturesque, and have as many fine views. But the people might do a great deal more to assist (or rather not to thwart) nature.

If more wooden houses were painted, yards kept cleaner and tidier, and every
house fronted by a small flower-patch our town would be admired by all, and it would
help to draw people who wish to retire to settle here. Fix up and brighten your surroundings.



*May 6 1892-Wonder where those loafers were when the fire started? On Tuesday last the People’s Store brick block had a narrow escape from being damaged by fire. The chimney leading from Mrs. Greig’s kitchen stove runs up the wall between her residence and Riddell & Me Adam’s store. Tuesday noon the chimney took fire, and through an imperfectly protected pipe hole in R. & M’s. the flame was communicated to a curtain stretched across it.

Mr. W. A. McLeod happened to be passing at the time. He saw that prompt
action was necessary, and he ran in climbed a step-ladder that was at the right
spot, pulled down the burning curtain and crushed the blaze out of existence
before it had time to spread to the adjoining goods. There was but one clerk
in the store at the time, and he was so busy with a customer that he did not
notice the impending trouble. It was a close shave. Another half-minute and
there would have been plenty of scope for testing the efficacy of the chemical
fire extinguishers that are now being sold in town.


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